New Brunswick

3 deer tear up gas bar store before clerk shows them door

A video of three deer escaping a Grand Falls gas bar on Monday morning is going viral on Facebook.

A video of the animals' escape from Grand Falls gas bar goes viral

Watch as three deer are filmed leaving a gas station in Grand Falls, N.B. 0:21

A video of three deer escaping from a Grand Falls gas bar went viral Monday morning.

Bertrand Beaulieu was on his daily walk along Broadway Boulevard around 9:30 a.m. when three deer ran past him.

They went straight for a nearby Canadian Tire gas station — and straight to the door of the store, he said. One deer led the way.

"The door opens, so it went in," Beaulieu said. "The second one, the same thing, and the third one the same thing."

"They did not curve or anything.They went straight for the door."

Beaulieu said he heard a lot of noise coming from within the gas station. The deer were trying to escape and banging against the windows, he said.

By then, Beaulieu had started recording the event on his phone.

The video shows a gas bar attendant opening the door from outside the station and shouting at the deer, which one by one come stumbling out.

The video shows the three deer escaping from the gas station while an attendant holds the door open. (Bertrand Beaulieu/Facebook)

Beaulieu's video soon garnered more than 66,000 views on his Facebook.

"I don't know what they were running after," he said. "They went back where they came from."

The deer had appeared from an empty lot near the St. John River, which runs close to the boulevard.

While Beaulieu does not think the animals ate anything, they left behind a mess. The deer bumped into shelves with pop and energy drinks, and candies and papers were strewn all over the floor, he said.

That was the first time he'd seen deer this close — or inside the Canadian Tire gas bar, he said.

"Don't think I will ever see it again."