Deep freeze continues across New Brunswick

An extreme cold warning remains in effect from Environment Canada with an early-morning temperature of -32 in Edmundston, going up to a provincial high temperature of only -16 today, with strong northwest wind.

Wind chill will make it feel like it is -35 again on Thursday

New Brunswick spent another day under an extreme cold warning Thursday, with temperatures dipping below -30C with the windchilll. 2:05

An extreme cold warning remains in place from Environment Canada for the entire province as the wind chill will make it feel like it is –32 in Edmundston.

The expected provincial high temperatures will range from –16 C to –20 C on Thursday, with strong northwest wind, giving equivalent wind chills of between –27 and –32, according to CBC meteorologist Peter Coade.

NB Power says it was so cold Thursday morning, it had to fire up it its Coleson Cove and Millbank generating stations to meet the high demand for electricity, adding an extra 600 megawatts to the grid.

New Brunswickers will be bracing for another cold day on Thursday. Environment Canada has continued an extreme cold warning for the province. (The Associated Press)
"We had additional hydro and thermal generation available to us as well," the utility posted on Twitter.

The peak demand was between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. at 3,032 megawatts, it said. By comparison, an average day in June would see about 1,200 megawatts used. "A huge swing for any utility," it tweeted.

By about 10 a.m., usage had dropped to about 2,907 megawatts.

While New Brunswickers can expect to be cold, Coade said it will be mainly sunny today.

Northwest wind this morning will gust to roughly 50 km/h. The wind will back to west this afternoon and diminish somewhat.

Skies will cloud over on Thursday night with a few flurries and wind becoming south at between 15 km/h to 30 km/h.

There's a snowfall warning for southern New Brunswick on Friday.

Coade said that up to 20 centimetres of snow will fall in the southwest and 15 cm in the southeast.

The Fredericton area will only see about five centimetres of snowfall, while the north will likely have flurries.