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Getting to work in new cyber-secure building in Fredericton won't be simple matter

Construction of the first cyber-secure building in New Brunswick is well underway at Fredericton's Knowledge Park, says Tyson Johnson, chief operating officer, CyberNB. 

Highly secure building will house services to protect critical infrastructure

Tyson Johnson, chief operating officer at CyberNB said the building in Fredericton will be the only one of its kind in Eastern Canada. (CBC)

Construction of the first cyber-secure building in New Brunswick is well underway at Fredericton's Knowledge Park, said Tyson Johnson, chief operating officer of CyberNB. 

"This is the location where you are going to have coalition between industry and government, developing the latest and greatest technologies and the services that will protect critical infrastructure … across Canada." 

Calling it disaster-resilient, Johnson said the building will have high security not only in terms of physical access but also for protecting its information around the clock year-round. That includes the ability to stay running during a power outage. 

"That's of critical importance for cyber-security firms that are protecting our critical economy." 

What a lab will look like inside the Cyber Centre of Excellence. (CBC)

Both the building and parking lot will be highly secure.

"The ability to actually get to your floor and to where you work will requite multiple access controls." 

Those working inside the Cyber Centre of Excellence will be protecting critical infrastructuresuch as banking transactions, and the ability for businesses to keep operating without any security threats, Johnson said. 

"We're here to protect telecommunications, banking, energy and utilities and critical government functions from ceasing to function," he said.

"This will allow the lights to stay on and the economy to continue to run." 

Johnson said a number of cyber-security firms will be moving in, sharing best practices and working co-operatively with other firms.

"You have some of the titans of the cyber-security world that are protecting our critical infrastructure today." 

Space in the building is already 80 per cent spoken for, and talks are continuing with other operations considering the move.  

Johnson said people will be working in the building round the clock.

"This will be full of high paid, highly valued, highly trained professionals working here in the province of New Brunswick." 

A cyber workspace inside the Cyber Centre of Excellence. (CBC)

Funding for the building has come from a few sources, including $7 million from Knowledge Park and a $30 million repayable loan from Opportunities New Brunswick. 

Johnson said it will be a world-class facility that will lead the pack across Canada in critical infrastructure protection. 

"We're actually attracting interest and partnership from international partners." 

With files from Harry Forrestell


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