New Brunswick

Crosswalk safety focus of woman's online video

A woman in Riverview, N.B. is fed up with people not stopping for her kids at crosswalks. She's posted a video online to get her message across.

Woman hopes people will get her message and stop for pedestrians


Robin Warford of Riverview, N.B. is taking her crosswalk fight to the internet.

Warford has posted a video online that shows car after car going by a crosswalk where her kids are waiting to cross the street.

No one stops. The kids put their hands out and cars just keep driving by. Twelve vehicles went by before one of them stops.

This summer, the city of Fredericton released the results of an online survey on pedestrian crosswalks. The response was overwhelming and showed both drivers and pedestrians were very concerned about safety at crosswalks.

"Not only motorists, but pedestrians as well, need to be cautious," said Cst. Danielle Carmichael of Fredericton Police. "Motorists may not see you on a day like today. Visibility can be poor depending on the area. Motorists may see you and choose not to stop so don't assume because you are at a crosswalk that a motorist will stop."

If a motorist doesn't stop, when given a reasonable distance to do so, they are breaking the law.

"They could be charged with failing to yield for a pedestrian," said Carmichael.

Some Fredericton residents say police should step up their enforcement.

"I think the best thing is sometimes just every once and a while have an officer just watch and give tickets to those who run the intersection," said John Hamilton. "I mean people do it."

RCMP in Moncton say it is unlikely that anyone would be charged in the case that Warford caught on video. Warford finds that frustrating but at least she hopes by posting the video online it may make some drivers think twice.