New Brunswick

Coyote attacks N.B. woman

A New Brunswick woman who wrestled with a coyote Wednesday is still shaken but walked away needing nothing more than a tetanus shot and a bandage.

A New Brunswick woman who wrestled with a coyote Wednesday was still shaken hours afterwards but managed to walk away needing only a tetanus shot and a bandage.

Marie Simon of Saint-Charles, near Richibucto, said she went into her backyard about 2:30 a.m. to let her puppy Sampson out.

"He started pulling to go back in the house," Simon said. "[I] thought it was just a puppy thing, and I heard a snarl and I turned around and I thought it was just a dog — and ended up it was coming right at [me]. All I could see was teeth."

Simon threw the puppy more than three metres away to protect him, then found herself under attack by the coyote.

"It started trying to bite at me and bite at me and … I just covered my head with both my hands like that and swinging off punches when I could," she said in an interview, with clumps of her hair still visible in the snow.

The ordeal with the coyote lasted about 10 minutes.

"Finally, it went to go at my neck and my jaw, " she said. "And I just seen it there and I just got my left and went right at its mouth, and I connected with the mouth and the coyote yelped."

The coyote took off down a path, and Simon went to the hospital, where she got a bandage for a scrape on her hand.

Now she hopes the animal comes back so she can trap it, she said.

In October, a 19-year-old folksinger from Toronto was killed by two coyotes in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.