New Brunswick

Councillor worries about Fredericton bridge divers

A Fredericton city councillor wants bridge diving in the area to stop.

A Fredericton city councillor wants bridge diving in the area to stop.

Councillor Stephen Kelly said the public needs to know that bridge diving is dangerous.

He said divers could hit the bottom, plus there's the risk of oncoming traffic on the bridge.

"We've seen in the past how people can get hurt by diving off bridge piers," said Kelly. "Diving from a distance and diving into something strange like a river water system with a current … is very very dangerous."

Kelly's concerns didn't go far with a crowd of jumpers at Longs Creek Bridge.

"We're kind of responsible. We know what's safe and what's not safe. I think he should just leave it in the hands of people to just use their best judgment," said one jumper.

The group said it knows the water is safe.

One member's father told them his fish finder measured the depth at seven metres.

But Fredericton City Recreation Officer Justine Blizzard said seven metres or not, you can never be sure.

"There's not just stuff on the bottom, there's deadheads floating half way in between. So even if you have a checker for things on the surface of the water, you never know what's underneath."

This week, Blizzard and her team are educating the public about water safety.

It's part of the city's involvement in National Drowning Prevention Week, which runs July 17 to July 24.

So far this year, there's already been a total of eight drownings across New Brunswick.