Our Favourite CBC Content for Kids

TV shows for preschoolers to tweens, news that kids can understand, podcasts, games, and more.

We’ve curated a list of great (and free!) CBC content to help keep kids entertained

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After a few weeks of physical distancing, many parents are looking for new ways to keep kids entertained. And CBC is here to help! Did you know that there's lots of kids content available through CBC, and it's completely free? To help you find what you need, we've curated a list of some of our favourite content for toddlers, children, and tweens. 


You can stream kids content for free on CBC Gem - have you downloaded the app yet? Here are a few of our favourite programs available.

The Studio K Show
Best For: Preschoolers


Shot at CBC's Studio K in Toronto, friendly hosts Janaye and Tony are joined by their funny puppet pals for games, interactive play, and other hijinks. Gary, a unicorn, is their best friend, intern, and fun aficionado. Mr. Orlando, a moose and CBC security guard, keeps everyone safe. Trendsetting Cottonball is a pop star and a cat. And Makeup Monster is just that—a monster who loves creating different looks in his makeup studio

Fred Penner's Place
Best For: Preschoolers

Millennial parents, this one's for you. Did you watch Fred Penner's Place growing up? Ten episodes of the show, which originally aired on CBC from 1985 to1997, are available on Gem. The episodes feature classic songs like "Take Good Care of Each Other" and "I am the Wind" and even include a special visit from Mr. Dressup!

Best For: Kids Aged 4-8


It's everyone's favourite aardvark! There's a reason this show has been around for 18 seasons. Arthur, his pals, and his pesky sister D.W. learn simple life lessons through relatable, everyday situations. You'll find the ten most recent episodes on Gem. 

CBC Kids News
Best For: Kids Aged 9-13

This can be a scary time for kids, and many of them might have questions about the global pandemic. CBC Kids News answers some of the questions on their minds, like "Why is everyone freaking out about the coronavirus?", "What does it mean to be self-isolated?" and  "What is flattening the curve?" The best part is, kids themselves report on these topics. The show is a great way to make sure your inquisitive kids get the facts, delivered in a way they'll understand. You can find the most recent episodes on Gem, or visit

Find Me in Paris
Best For: Tweens


This popular tween drama follows the story of Lena Grisky, a Russian princess and ballet student living in 1905, who accidentally time travels to the modern day. This show is perfect for kids who miss attending their own dance classes. They can watch all 26 episodes of season one on Gem before the second season premieres on April 5. 


CBC Listen is your go-to app for radio, podcasts, and music—and there's content on there for kids, too! 

The Story Store


Kids who watch The Studio K Show will especially love this podcast, since it's hosted by puppet pals Gary the Unicorn and Mr. Orlando the Moose! The Story Store takes orders from real kids and turns their suggestions into silly, fun-filled adventures. There are lots of episodes available on Listen, and the show will be back soon with new short stories to enjoy! You can also submit your own story suggestion by calling 1-888-413-2781 (it's toll free in North America) or emailing

Tai Asks Why


If your days are filled with a lot of questions that begin with "Why…?", we have just the podcast for your kid. In Tai Asks Why, 12-year-old Tai Poole tries to answer life's biggest questions about everything from dreams to climate change. 

CBC Kids Music Playlist

Are you going to lose your mind if you have to listen to Baby Shark one more time? We don't blame you. Mix it up a little with this CBC Music playlist for kids! It's got classic sing-alongs from old favourites like Fred Penner and Raffi, as well as originals from Canadian icons like Sarah Harmer and Joel Plaskett. 


Over at CBC Kids, there are plenty of online games to keep little ones thinking and occupied. Do you have a preschooler obsessed with Sesame Street? Try out A Helping Hand, featuring favourite friends like Elmo and Cookie Monster! There are math games, word games, puzzles, and more. 


Curio is a subscription-based educational platform used by schools from primary through to post-secondary. During this period of physical distancing and self-isolation, CBC is offering complimentary access to Curio. Have the Monster Math Squad show your kids how to use math skills to overcome obstacles, or find special curriculums designed for learning about the wonders of nature with the Gumboot Kids.

Tips from other Parents

On Instagram, @CBC_EastCoast asked parents for their tips on how to keep kids entertained during social distancing. Here are a few suggestions: 

"We're drawing and writing in a journal each day at 1 p.m., so it's now a part of our routine." - Tania P. 

"Bring snow inside in a container! Or if there's no snow, use bubbles for a toy bath." - Katie R. 

"We're doing lots of baking! And we started seeds for our garden." - Martha G.

"Scheduled dance parties!" - Sharon W. 

"Our kids have been listening to audiobooks." - Allison E. 

"One thing at a time, and treat each activity like a big deal. They have to be a part of set-up and clean-up." - Claire C.