Binge This! Food shows & docs to devour, free on CBC Gem

From bugs to baking, we’ve cooked up a list of five of the best shows and documentaries for foodies—all available to stream for free on the CBC Gem app.

Take a bite out of one of these delicious food-themed shows

We're all discovering different ways to spend our time in the midst of this pandemic, and if the surge in demand for flour is any indication, many of us are turning to the kitchen.

Food adventures can start anywhere from a simple tin of tuna, to more elaborate dishes with exotic ingredients you never had the time to play with before now. For many, it starts even before the kitchen, sowing seeds late winter and into spring in anticipation of a summer bounty that's as local as it gets. For others, it involves carefully planned meals to support lifestyle choices for improved health.
If you happen to be finding yourself needing a little inspiration (or perhaps just an escape), here are a few CBC East Coast picks sure to get your culinary juices flowing.


Documentary filmmaker, gardener and food writer, Aube Giroux takes you on a personal journey, to find out why genetically modified organisms (GMOs) aren't labelled on food products in Canada and the U.S. Through the use of family home video archives, animations and from Giroux's farm-to-table cooking show, the documentary is a visual celebration of food, farming, cooking and family legacy. Watch Modified on CBC Gem.


Physicians Shobha and Arjun Rayapudi have a mission. They want to help improve the health of residents in their rural Newfoundland community one plant-based bite at a time. Plantify takes you to the Burin peninsula, where an increasing number of people are turning to a community-based food program to get healthier, together. Watch Plantify on CBC Gem.

The Great Canadian Baking Show

Bakers rejoice! The Great Canadian Baking Show is as entertaining as it is drool-worthy. Baking enthusiasts from across the country go head-to-head in this series to take on challenges to create the best cakes, pies, cookies, pastries and so much more. Who will be each week's star baker, and who will be sent home? Watch The Great Canadian Baking Show on CBC Gem.

Save with Jamie

Noticing a higher-than-usual grocery bill? For some practical tips and easy recipe ideas for your family, Save with Jamie may be the show you need to help save dinnertime. Keen to inspire us all to eat better and spend less on our weekly food bills, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver offers optimistic, inventive and super-helpful food ideas. Watch Save with Jamie on CBC Gem.

Bugs on the Menu

You may think differently about eating bugs after watching Bugs on the Menu. Bugs are nutrient rich, sustainable and arguably delicious. This doc shows you what it takes to grow, harvest and prepare bugs into tasty treats that are not only good for you, but also good for the planet. Watch Bugs on the Menu on CBC Gem.