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Closed Jemseg Bridge may not be repaired, Roger Melanson says

The old Jemseg Bridge, which was closed last week over safety concerns, may not be repaired since it would cost about $3 million, says Transportation Minister Roger Melanson.

Spending $3M to fix old bridge on Route 105 may not be the right investment, says Transportation minister

Jemseg Bridge was closed on May 22 over safety concerns, following an inspection. Government officials have not said what the inspection found, but there is crumbling concrete and exposed rebar. (Ed Hunter/CBC)

The New Brunswick government may choose not to repair the old Jemseg Bridge, which was closed last week following an inspection.

Transportation Minister Roger Melanson says the bridge, on Route 105, was closed "because of safety reasons" and that it would cost about $3 million to fix.

Spending $3 million to fixing the old Jemseg Bridge may not be the right investment at this time, says Transportation Minister Roger Melanson. (Ed Hunter/CBC)
"It may not be the right investment to do at this time because of our financial situation," he said.

"We're assessing the situation now as we speak."

Melanson says the government has two options.

"One is to invest and retrofit this bridge, or to, I guess, eliminate this bridge and get rid of this asset. We haven't made that decision yet."

No information about what the inspection found has been released, but Melanson says the report will be made public. He did not provide a timeline.

The bridge, which crosses the Jemseg River, was part of the old Trans-Canada Highway.

Melanson points out there's a new bridge that's part of the new highway right next to the old bridge.

Motorists are being redirected.

The old bridge was closed on May 22.


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