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Cleaning certificate gives 'competitive edge' to tourism operators, says industry group

The Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick has launched a new online course to help tourism businesses feel confident in their cleaning approaches during COVID-19

Online course provides information on how to clean, what to clean and how often to clean

Tourism Minister Bruce Fitch said the department has budgeted for $3 million of rebates. (CBC)

An online course launched by the Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick is designed to help hotels, stores and restaurants feel confident they're cleaning their premises well enough during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clean It Right was developed by Manitoba's tourism industry. It's a one-hour course that provides information on how to clean, what to clean and how often to clean.

The president and chief executive officer of the association said it should give tourism operators a competitive edge. 

"It shows the visitor and anyone going into the establishment that this place is really careful, and you'll be safe because they're certified clean," Carol Alderdice told Information Morning Moncton

When operators pass the course, they get a window decal that says they're "Clean It Right certified." 

There are three programs for each kind of establishment: hotel, restaurant and store.

"There are so many things you wouldn't even think that you should be touching or disinfecting and it shows you all of that." 

The course includes videos, questions, readings and a final exam. To get certified you must get 100 per cent on the exam. 

The program was only started this week, but Alderdice said the response has been good. The association has given out codes to access the course to about 60 New Brunswick participants so far. 

The certificate never expires. 

"Now they know what to do and they're ready, so if this ever happens again, or we get that second wave that everyone is talking about, they won't be caught by surprise." 

This is one of two program launches that are meant to help the New Brunswick tourism industry this week.

Carol Alderdice, president and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick, thinks the certificate will help guests feel safe. (Submitted by Carol Alderdice)

On Wednesday, the government announced a 20 per cent rebate on eligible expenses residents incur while vacationing in the province. The vacation has to include an overnight stay.

Tourism Minister Bruce Fitch said 20 per cent was chosen because it covers more than just the taxes.

"It's giving back something that's significant and it allows people to maybe stay an extra night or go away," Fitch said Thursday.

Alderdice said this program is positive for the industry and residents.

"I've always said I don't believe New Brunswickers really appreciate what they have in their own backyard. This is an opportunity to do that and just see everything that you can see and do in this beautiful province." 

Information Morning Moncton