New Brunswick

Man accused of murdering Moncton woman pleads guilty to manslaughter

Claude Blanchard has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of Candice Kennedy-Faguy, whose body was found in the trunk of a car in Moncton in September 2018.

Claude Blanchard left body of Candice Kennedy-Faguy under apartment steps, then in trunk of a car

Candice Kennedy-Faguy, 35, was killed by Claude Blanchard, 45, after the two drank and did drugs together. (RCMP )

Once Claude Blanchard realized he'd killed Candice Kennedy-Faguy, he put her body under the back steps of an apartment building on Moncton's West Lane before moving her to the trunk of a car.

Blanchard, 45, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the 2018 death of Kennedy-Faguy and is scheduled to be sentenced on June 18.

During proceedings last week, the court heard of a night of partying and drugs before, according to Blanchard, Kennedy-Faguy became aggressive. Blanchard said that in his efforts to control her he killed her. 

Kennedy-Faguy, 35, was reported missing by Crossroads for Women, a domestic violence and sexual assault shelter, to Codiac Regional RCMP on Sept. 23, 2018.

Kennedy-Faguy's body was found in the trunk of a car parked on this Moncton street. (Kate Letterick/CBC News )

Her body was found in a car owned by Justin Jamieson near the Moncton Hospital three days later.

Crown prosecutor Annie St-Jacques, reading the agreed statement of facts in court, said Jamieson called the police because he felt there was "something suspicious" in the trunk after he'd lent the car to Blanchard.

Police obtained a warrant and found Kennedy-Faguy's body wrapped in plastic tarp in the car parked on West Lane.

The RCMP investigation included canvassing the neighbourhood and interviewing neighbours. One person who lived in an apartment building on West Lane said he saw Kennedy-Faguy's body under the back steps of the building but was too afraid to tell anyone at the time.

On Sept. 28, 2018, 45-year-old Claude Blanchard was charged with first degree murder. 

Pathologist Marek Godlewski, who performed an autopsy, said the cause of death was sharp force trauma, with cuts and stab wounds in Kennedy-Faguy's neck.

Godlewski's report found that the body showed signs of both blunt force and sharp force trauma. 

The court heard that Blanchard and Kennedy-Faguy were doing drugs together and were intoxicated. When they parted ways, Blanchard went to the apartment of Amanda McFarlane, a woman he was in a relationship with. A few minutes later, Kennedy-Faguy was at the apartment door.

She and Blanchard started pushing each other, and they both ended up at the bottom of a staircase.

The prosecutor said Blanchard felt Kennedy-Faguy was being aggressive and he had to stop her, which led to his killing her.

Blanchard left his victim's body under the apartment steps for about a day before transferring it to the trunk of Jamieson's car. 

Blanchard remains in custody at a provincial jail. His sentencing was pushed back to allow a needed surgery before he is sentenced and sent to a federal prison.