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Potted chicken: Saint John restaurant selling cannabis oil-infused wings

A Saint John restaurant is adding a unique ingredient to its menu. The Coop Restaurant is adding cannabis oil, without THC, to the sauce on some of its wings.

'I think the market asked for it, basically,' said business co-owner

The Coop's wings have sauce made with cannabis oil. (Radio-Canada)

A Saint John restaurant is adding a unique ingredient to its menu.

The Coop is adding cannabis oil, minus the THC, to the sauce on some of its wings. THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

"I think the market asked for it, basically," said co-owner Renee Theriault. 

Theriault and her husband, Jean-Maurice Desjardins, bought the Coop about a month ago. They updated the menu before reopening.

Theriault said it is a marketing tactic, but also another option for people. She expected a bit of push back on the new addition to the menu, but so far customers have been positive. 

Desjardins claims his restaurant is the only one using cannabis oil in the city. (Radio-Canada)

"The guests have enjoyed it," she said. "Social media has been a little bit difficult, honestly, because some people aren't very educated on what THC-zero means."

Theriault likened the product to a vitamin. She said the oil doesn't create a high.

CBD is legal in Canada when sold in compliance with the Cannabis Act. According to Health Canada, it isn't intoxicating.

Future plans

The couple has worked in a few restaurants across the country and bought the Coop when the last owner filed for bankruptcy. 

Jean-Maurice Desjardins says his customers appear to be happy with his menu. (Radio-Canada)

Desjardins isn't a chef but is the brains behind the menu at the restaurant. He's happy with how the first week went. 

"We have a few things to change, a few things to get used to, but the reaction of the people, my guests are very happy, and that's what I want," said Desjardins. 

He said he'll also consider adding THC to his products when that becomes legal.

But Desjardins said his plan isn't to become a cannabis restaurant. He just wants to give his customers more options.


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