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'A nasty blow': Campbellton call centre will close in July

Employees at a call centre in Campbellton learned Tuesday they will be out of work by the end of July.

85 jobs will be lost when centre is closed

The BGIS call centre in Campbellton will close July 27, putting 85 people out of work. (Shutterstock)

Employees at a call centre in Campbellton learned Tuesday they will be out of work by the end of July. 

Officials from Brookfield Global Integrated Services, or BGIS, were at the site to advise the 85 employees of the upcoming closure. 

Amanda Kusick, marketing and communications director at BGIS, said the closure is the result of a decision to consolidate three service centres to two centres after a business review was conducted. 

The other two centres are located in Kamloops, B.C. and Markham, Ont. 

"It was a very difficult decision and a lot of factors were considered when we looked at what we were going to do with our business operations," said Kusick. 

"Our number one priority is ensuring the team members have the full support of our organization so that there's a smooth transition and ample notice so that they can find new employment opportunities in a timely manner." 

The centre will close July 27.

Option to move for jobs

When asked if staff working at the Campbellton centre had the option to be eligible for work at the other two centres, Kusick said that was a possibility. 

"We are looking to redeploy some people to other parts of the business if the skill set and the corresponding opportunity exists." 

The call centre has been operating in Campbellton for 11 years. 

I'm sure this is going to be a hot topic at our table.- Mayor Normand Pelletier

Dalhousie Mayor Normand Pelletier learned of the closure when contacted by CBC News. 

"It's a slap in the face. It's a nasty blow. Jobs are extremely rare in Restigouche County and with the Town of Dalhousie and City of Campbellton we are quite, quite close and we can't afford to be losing any jobs in our region.

"I know we are a small population base, but every job counts. I feel for the city of Campbellton and the surrounding municipalities. We just cannot afford to lose jobs like this." 

Would a MLA help?

Pelletier questioned if the region had a MLA, would it help in the fight to keep jobs and to bring jobs to the area. 

The Campbellton-Dalhousie riding has been without a MLA since Donald Arseneault accepted a job as a lobbyist for Canada's Building Trades Unions and was not permitted to stay on as MLA until the provincial election in September. 

Premier Brian Gallant made the decision not to call a by-election to replace him. 

Dalhousie Mayor Normand Pelletier said the closure of the call centre is a blow to a region that needs every job it has. (Serge Bouchard/Radio-Canada)

"It's difficult being in northern New Brunswick and if we're not getting the support of the provincial government in trying to help us get companies or industries to set up shop in Restigouche's not easy. It's difficult and we need our MLA in our region," Pelletier said.

Pelletier said he will be adding the call centre closure to the Restigouche County mayor's forum agenda when it meets later in the week. 

"I'm sure this is going to be a hot topic at our table," he said.

Dalhousie's mayor said he will suggest the mayor's forum try to get a meeting with the premier or Restigouche West MLA Gilles LePage to meet with them to do something to try and help them keep the call centre in place.

Campbellton Mayor Stephanie Anglehart-Paulin could not be reached for comment.