British comedian finds humour in transition to Maritimer

Comedian James Mullinger is writing a new show called Londoner to Maritimer that will debut at Saint John's Imperial Theatre in October.

Comedian James Mullinger writing new show called Londoner to Maritimer

A British comedian who now calls Rothesay home is working on a new show about his experience moving to the Maritimes.

Mullinger moved to New Brunswick in 2014 with his wife, who is from the area. Since then, he headlined a sold-out show at the Imperial Theatre, which included almost 90 per cent new material he'd developed from his time in the province.

He vowed the new show, Londoner to Maritimer will be completely new. The population of Atlantic Canada is so small, Mullinger said he sees the same audience members again and again and must prepare new jokes.

"In England, a lot of club comedians in the U.K. will do the same 20-minute set for five maybe even 10 years," he said. "I discovered very quickly that I couldn’t do that."

A lot of the new material will be tested on audiences at a show coming up at the Saint John Theatre company in March. Mullinger said the new jokes will involve music and visual elements, not just straight stand-up comedy.

"Some of them might bomb and some of them might go well," he said. "It’s going to be bigger, better and hopefully funnier."

Mullinger has been travelling the Maritimes for a TV show called Blimey! An Englishman in Atlantic Canada produced for Bell Aliant’s Community One channel. He’s been performing in small towns that don’t normally get comedy shows such as Port Elgin and St. Andrews. He said much of the new material was inspired by those experiences.

"I want to be a Maritimer so I need to earn that right. A lot of it is living life and noticing things. Day to day here I discover something else different," he said. "Every day I am becoming more and more a Maritimer. I need to go drive a four-wheeler on a highway."

Tickets for the October show at the Imperial Theatre went on sale Monday.