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Bridget Yard is a video journalist based in Saskatoon. She has also worked for CBC in Fredericton and Bathurst, N.B.

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U of R researcher rescues barn swallows with nests made of coconuts

Stephen King saw the idea a few years ago in an article. When he found an abandoned baby barn swallow, he immediately knew what to do.

Saskatoon sergeant becomes 1st female Canadian cop deployed to train Iraqi forces

Saskatoon Police Sgt. Erin Coates is the first female Canadian police officer to be deployed to Iraq to train that country's police force. Her work included training Iraqi female officers.

Sask. woman creates baby dolls so lifelike they're mistaken for the real thing

Lorna Robert creates comfort dolls for the elderly, those with dementia and anyone else who wants to feel close to a baby. She sells her dolls to customers in North America and beyond.

High-priced millennial weddings cause guests to seek out financial planner

People in bridal parties can expect to shell out $500 to $1,000, or more if the couple plan to have a destination wedding, says financial planner Caval Olson-Lepage. She says it's possible to oblige, but you'll need a savings plan.

Queer 101: Pronouns, gender, and and how to use that acronym

A seminar provided by OUTSaskatoon for Pride makes navigating queer communities as a straight person a little easier.

La Ronge council votes 6-1 to raise Pride flag

The issue was contentious for several years, but a community movement to support a motion to raise the flag was exactly what council needed to take a step in the right direction.

'What side of history do you want to be on?': Pride flag controversy headed to La Ronge council

Saskatoon drag queen Cheryl Trade will travel to La Ronge Wednesday to lend her voice to her hometown's queer community at town council. Councillor Jordan McPhail is expected to bring forward a motion for the town to fly the rainbow Pride flag. A similar motion was voted down in 2017.

Geneva's angels: Breastfeeding women team up to help a Regina mom in need

Roberta Kotowich couldn't breastfeed her third child. She didn't know where to turn. Then her birth team put together a group of mothers who could help.

'Sweet, creamy, delicious': Sask. dairy attracts hundreds with old-school milk dispenser

Bas and Martha Froese-Kooijenga's new coin-operated milk dispenser wasn't necessarily purchased for its value as a farm tool, but since it was installed earlier this year the guest list has been growing.

Saskatoon shop owner wants city to reveal pot licensing fee calculations

The City of Saskatoon has a $20,000 licensing fee for anyone who wants to open a cannabis store in town.

Many Sask. university students face tens of thousands in debt

Accounting firm BDO Canada found in 2016 that the average amount of debt recorded by undergraduates in Saskatchewan was $20,000.

Swale Watchers ask city, province for more info on Saskatoon freeway project

Environmentalists in Saskatoon have long been advocating for the protection of the Northeast Swale and another smaller swale in the same area. A freeway project proposed by the province would cut through the wetlands and require a new bridge.

'Not easy being French in Saskatchewan': Author takes on history of French/English relations in Sask.

Candace Savage's new project exposes "La Génération Perdue," or the lost generation of French speakers in Saskatchewan. Many were discouraged by policy, legislation, and the public, from speaking their first language.

French-speaking people in Sask. speak out against insensitive meme

The anonymous Instagram account @sasky.memes has posted a meme discouraging people from speaking French in public.

Sask. makeup maker Jess Tetu headed to Hollywood as a Daytime Emmys sponsor

Tetu grew up in Craik, Sask., and often watched daytime soap opera "Days of Our Lives." Now she's looking forward to meeting daytime stars.