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Investigation continues after body discovered at Fredericton landfill

Fredericton police continue to investigate after a body was discovered at the landfill Tuesday morning.

Landfill remained 'open and operational,' said Fredericton Region Solid Waste spokesperson

Several Fredericton police and RCMP vehicles were at the Fredericton landfill, where a body was found Tuesday morning. (Joe McDonald/CBC)

Fredericton police continue to investigate after a body was discovered at the landfill Tuesday morning.

Officers were called to Fredericton Region Solid Waste shortly before 9 a.m., said force spokesperson Alycia Bartlett.

She could not say whether foul play is suspected or provide any information about the body, such as the gender, age or the extent of decomposition.

"Unfortunately right now there is not a whole lot more that we can give you … other than police continue to actively work to determine the identity of the remains located and how they would have ended up at the landfill," Bartlett  told CBC News around 5:30 p.m.

"These investigations take lots of [time] and resources to do right."

A large police presence that included members of the RCMP remained at the scene at 1775 Alison Blvd., on the southeastern outskirts of the city, into the afternoon.

Bartlett said Fredericton police were leading the investigation but working with RCMP on the file because the landfill is close to jurisdictional lines.

Human remains were discovered Tuesday at the Fredericton Region Solid Waste landfill, police said. 0:51

The activity appeared to revolve around the garbage-baling facility. The three bay doors were cordoned off with yellow caution tape, which was removed from one door to allow a black vehicle to drive inside.

Police also had a Green For Life garbage truck and dumpster behind an apartment building at 141 Biggs St. taped off and a cruiser standing guard throughout the day, but it's unclear if the two incidents are related.

"At this point I'm unable to provide further information on that," said Bartlett.

Kathy Jennings, who lives in the building, said the garbage is routinely picked up on Tuesday mornings.

"So to see the truck come in, it wasn't a shock, but to see the cops behind it was," said Jennings, who was outside with her dog at the time.

"This truck came in, our garbage was emptied and then the truck was stopped … So we're not sure what happened."

Green For Life officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

Police spokesperson Alycia Bartlett could not say if the police presence at a dumpster on Biggs Street Tuesday was related to the body investigation at the landfill. (Logan Perley/CBC)

Back at the landfill, forensic identification officers wearing blue coveralls, protective booties, latex gloves and surgical masks were in and out of the building several times to retrieve equipment from their vehicle, including a large brown paper bag.

Officers at the scene declined to comment.

The landfill remained "open and operational," said Fredericton Region Solid Waste spokesperson Brad Janes.

Trucks were taking garbage straight to the landfill.

Janes declined further comment, directing all inquiries to Bartlett.

A forensic identification officer retrieved a large brown paper bag from his vehicle during the investigation Tuesday afternoon. (Joe McDonald/CBC)

This is the second time in as many months that Fredericton police have responded to a report of human remains.

On Aug. 10, the body of Corey Daniel Sisson, 19, was discovered in a wooded area off Route 10 in Noonan, about 14 kilometres east of Fredericton.

Robby Mitchell Polchies, 32, has been charged with first-degree murder in his death. Polchies is scheduled to return to court on Oct. 30 for a preliminary inquiry.

With files from Logan Perley and Joe McDonald