New Brunswick

'Big moose' spotted in downtown Fredericton

A moose running around downtown Fredericton drew onlookers Saturday afternoon.

Second moose on the loose in city since June

A moose drew onlookers in downtown Fredericton on Saturday. (Submitted by Danny Carson)

A moose running around downtown Fredericton drew onlookers Saturday afternoon.

The moose was first seen around Liverpool Street, up the hill in Fredericton, but was later spotted walking down Smythe Street.

It was finally cornered in the parking lot of the NBCC corporate offices at the corner of Smythe and Saunders streets.

It wasn't something Danny Carson expected to see on his walk with his dog.

"[I] just kind of looked over and saw a big moose," he said.

A Fredericton police spokesperson said the department was aware of the issue but would not confirm if they were on scene. The spokesperson said it was a provincial matter.

CBC News has reached out to the province but has yet to receive a reply.

A moose was seen running around city's south side Saturday, including in this video taken by Storm Campbell. 0:21

Carson said he couldn't be sure who was there, but there appeared to be people keeping the animal cornered. He said he didn't see anybody with a rifle.

"I'm not quite sure what they were doing, but they were making sure it didn't go back to the road," said Carson.

This isn't the first time a moose has been sighted in residential areas in Fredericton this year.

In June, a moose was spotted in Wilmot Park. It was tranquilized and moved to another area.


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