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Fredericton Craft Beer Festival cancelled

A planned craft beer festival in Fredericton next month has been cancelled.

COVID and bad timing cited for decision

The Fredericton Craft Beer Festival planned for June has been put off until March 2023. (CBC)

A planned craft beer festival in Fredericton next month has been cancelled.

"COVID has exhausted our resources and organizational capacities for the festival," said an email sent to ticket holders last week.

"With the on/off of the event and the slow opening back up, we don't feel we can host an event like we want to this June," said the message from the Fredericton Craft Beer Festival.

Lloyd Chambers, one of the organizers, said the decision to cancel was made in mid-April for a combination of reasons.

"It just wasn't the right time for us," he said.

This would have been the first time the festival was held in June. Prior to the pandemic, it normally took place in March, after its inception in 2012.

"In hindsight, we probably shouldn't have tried to put it in June because it's just not our time," Chambers said.

"There's a whole bunch of other stuff going on in the third week of June. It doesn't work well for us."

Only 300 people had bought tickets for the festival, Chambers said, whereas the event has attracted crowds of about 3,000 in the past.

All refunds have been processed, he said, and ticket holders have received their money back, including fees.

The plan now is to reorganize for March 2023.

A few other similar events are planned for the next couple of months, including the inaugural East Coast Beverage Convention later this month in Moncton.


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