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Random acts of kindness fill social media on Becca Schofield Day

People in New Brunswick are celebrating Becca Schofield, the 18 year old diagnosed with terminal brain cancer who created the #BeccaToldMeTo campaign to inspire and share kindness.

18 year old was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and started the #BeccaToldMeTo campaign

Becca Schofield on #BeccaToldMeTo day

4 years ago
Riverview teen Becca Schofield, who has terminal brain cancer, said it is the acts of kindness she sees every day that keep her going. 1:29

Many people are spreading the word and kindness today for Becca Schofield Day in New Brunswick. 

Schofield, 18, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and created the #BeccaToldMeTo campaign asking people to perform good deeds and post them on social media. 

"To know that I get this day and it's not just my day, it's a day to celebrate the people that we can be and the people that we should be — it just warms my heart to know that we have a day like that where we can come together as a community," Schofield told CBC News.

Many people are lending a helping hand. On Friday, the District Education Support Team helped teachers on their recess duty.

Minto Memorial High is participating in random acts of kindness.

Stephen Poplar is treating his classmates to some sweet treats. 

And of course, more sweet treats. Smile cookies, that is. 

This Kent on Harrisville Boulevard is providing free coffee to start the Saturday off right.

Schofield believes kindness is taught. She credits her kind nature to her parents and hopes people will carry on that legacy. 

Her campaign has even made it's way to Cuba.

North and South Esk Regional High in Sunny Corner, N.B., treated their staff to some smile cookie and donuts. 

Her campaign has even made it across the country. A store manager of a Starbucks in made a stop at the fire department in Okotoks, Alta. to spread the word. 

"No matter how you go about being kind — all of it that I hear about, it warms my heart," said Schofield.

Celebrations for Becca Schofield Day will take place at the Riverview Arts Centre on Saturday.