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Lost or just looking for nosh? Beaver takes a walk down Main Street in Saint John

Of all the places a beaver might turn up unexpectedly, outside a Saint John pizzeria would not even make the list.

A curious and official emblem of Canada hangs out at Romano's

Wayward Beaver

6 years ago
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This beaver got a bit lost in Saint John and ended up at a local pizza place.

Of all the places a beaver might turn up unexpectedly, outside a Saint John pizzeria would not even make the list.

Nevertheless, that's where a lost or hungry beaver was found this week — in front of Romano's Pizza in west Saint John.

It was a "typical Tuesday night" at family-owned Romano's, according to Joanna Vlamakis, when a delivery driver announced a beaver was in the middle of Main Street.

"We've been owners for over 30 years," said Vlamakis. "In all the years I do not think we expected this."

Joanna Vlamakis, and Nicola Sutherland were at the restaurant when the beaver arrived. (Submitted)
The beaver wasn't aggressive, although it did smack its tail a couple of times.

Vlamakis, nervous the beaver would get hurt playing in the street, called the police for help.

Police arrived soon after and lured the beaver into some woods in the area but without any pizza.

While the whereabouts of the beaver are unknown, Vlamakis is hoping for the best.

"We all hope it made its way back to its family!"