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Bathurst pharmacist to pay $17,000 for texting private information about a patient

A Bathurst pharmacist who was caught texting information about a patient to someone outside that person's “circle of care” has been sanctioned for professional misconduct.

Pharmacist gave confidential information to person who wasn't among patient's health-care providers

Diane Roy was ordered to pay $17,000 for texting someone a patient's list of medication. (CBC)

A Bathurst pharmacist who was caught texting information about a patient to someone outside that person's "circle of care" has been sanctioned for professional misconduct.

Pharmacist Diane Roy was suspended Oct. 3, 2016, from her job at the Bathurst Jean Coutu drugstore after the allegation surfaced, and she was dismissed shortly after.

Then, on Nov. 7, 2016, a complaint was filed with the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists.

Roy has since admitted she did text a patient's full list of medications to someone who wasn't among the health-care professionals providing care to the patient. The identity of the person who received the confidential information was not revealed.

At a hearing in front of a disciplinary committee held in Moncton on Monday, Roy was sanctioned to:

  • Having her pharmacist licence suspended for three months.
  • A written reprimand which will remain on her file for three years.
  • Not being allowed to train student pharmacists or manage a pharmacy for two years.
  • Having to take additional training on matters related to ethics and confidentiality.
  • A $2,000 fine, to be paid within three years and to be made public on the college's website for two years.
  • Fees of $15,000 related to the complaint, the hearings, and the lawyer that had to be hired by the college, to pay over three years

The sanctions stem from a joint recommendation by the college and Roy, which they agreed to prior to the hearing.

Enrico Scichilone, the lawyer for the college, said sending a text message indicated a clear intention to violate a patient's privacy, and Roy has accepted responsibility unequivocally for her "bad behaviour."

Roy was present at the hearing, and when asked by the committee, had nothing to add to the recommendations.

After a short debate, the committee agreed to the sanctions.

Since Roy was suspended then dismissed from her job at Jean Coutu after the allegations surfaced and was without work for 10 months afterward, it was agreed she had already served the sanction to revoke her pharmacist licence and could work.

She has been licensed to practice pharmacy since 1996.


  • A previous version of this story stated Diane Roy was suspended from her work at Jean Coutu, when in fact she was dismissed.
    Feb 27, 2018 4:59 PM AT