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Vanessa Blanch is a reporter based in Moncton. She has worked across the country for CBC for 20 years. If you have story ideas to share please email:

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Students try to support each other, while half of school psychologist positions sit vacant

Grade 11 student Shirley Joubert struggled to find help at school for her anxiety and depression. Now she is working on a project that will support classmates who are also struggling, and teach them how to help one another.

Think twice before moving to New Brunswick, warns new resident in need of doctor

Since moving to New Brunswick in 2018, Rodney Pavlica has struggled to find a family doctor to handle his care. While he loves his new home and neighbours, he said the lack of health care has forced him to pay out of pocket to see a doctor in Quebec.

7-year-old continues lobster fishing family tradition on Bay of Chaleur

Trent Collins may only be seven, but he knew he was ready to join his grandfather's lobster fishing crew this week when the season opened. The Grade 2 student has grown up going out on "Pa Daley's" boat, but this was the first time he went out without his parents.

Former Horizon chair takes firing in stride — but not health minister's 'cheap shot'

The former chair of the Horizon Health board and a longtime board member are speaking out about a dysfunctional relationship with Health Minister Dorothy Shephard that is "filled with tension" and is "maligning" the professionals who manage health care in the province.

Nurse practitioner grads can't get jobs in N.B., despite minister's promise to public

Graduates of UNB Fredericton's nurse practitioner program are worried they will have to leave the province to find jobs, even though they want to stay and Health Minister Dorothy Shephard insists they are key to eliminating the wait list for primary care providers.

Medical society applauds 'fantastic' goal to have a doctor for everyone within 6 months

Doctors in New Brunswick are ready to start working "immediately" with Health Minister Dorothy Shephard to achieve her target of providing a family physician or nurse practitioner to every resident of the province within six months.

N.B. woman told she must wait for uterus 'to completely drop out' before she can get help

Sherrie Hudson of Woodstock, N.B., has been trying to get medical help for a gynecological problem since December 2019, but after more than a year, she is still suffering every day and is among a growing number of New Brunswick women struggling to get access to timely health care.

Health minister focused on finding everyone a doctor or nurse practitioner within 6 months

Health Minister Dorothy Shephard has no intention of negotiating with doctors or nurse practitioners currently charging patients directly for care, saying her focus is on recruitment and the elimination of the wait list for primary care.

Nurse practitioners shocked by Higgs government decision to charge for medical tests

A new rule from the Blaine Higgs government is raising concern among nurse practitioners, who believe it will introduce yet another barrier to health care for the more than 44,000 New Brunswickers who do not have a primary care provider.

Moncton gynecologist says her move to private practice is symptom of larger crisis

Moncton gynecologist Dr. Karen Desrosiers believes her decision to give up her practice as an obstetrician-gynecologist in the public system, and the growing demand from women who can't find the medically necessary care they are entitled to, are both symptoms of a system that isn't working.