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Vanessa Blanch is a reporter based in Moncton. She has worked across the country for CBC for more than 20 years. If you have story ideas to share please email:

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Roadside History

Ferries are gone, but lights at Cape Tormentine illuminate memories of sailing to P.E.I.

A spot on the Northumberland Strait that played host to thousands of travellers bound for Prince Edward Island is mostly deserted these days, but the lighthouses that guided countless ferries remain.
Roadside History

A New Brunswick ship sank off Ireland in 1870 — only 1 lifeboat made it to shore

It's a story that many in Albert County remember, and one that reminds New Brunswickers of the deep maritime history that runs through the province.

Rising Tide gives up on medical clinic, focuses on more apartments with more support

Dale Hicks, chair of the Rising Tide Board, admits the past month has been frustrating. Plans to build a combined medical clinic and 20-unit apartment building to serve the "hardest" cases in the city have been sidelined after losing the Salvus Clinic as a partner.

Atlantic puffin returns to open water after 'miracle' rescue

The tiny Atlantic puffin rescued from a busy four-lane road in southeastern New Brunswick on Thursday has already been released into open water after a short recovery at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute.

Failure to appoint promised mental health advocate in N.B. 'a complete disgrace'

Paul Ouellet celebrated when a motion to create a mental health advocate for New Brunswick was passed in 2019, but after years of being told the position "is going to happen" the Department of Health now isn't sure it's necessary.
Roadside History

Now abandoned 1917 dam on Kouchibouguac one of N.B.'s earliest power plants

There is a spot where the Kouchibouguac River runs beneath the highway, just past the village of Saint-Louis-de-Kent, and if you look to the west you will see an abandoned concrete dam that dates back to 1917.

After catalytic converter stolen for second time, RCMP suggests charity buy better cameras

After having the catalytic converter stolen from their bus for the second time in just over a year, the executive director of a Moncton charity is at a loss of how to deter thieves.

New literacy program based on years of research, new French program 'a political experiment'

Former education minister Dominic Cardy believes the new literacy curriculum set to roll out in Kindergarten to Grade 2 classrooms this fall deserves to be the sole focus of teachers and students.

Is new learning-to-read curriculum 'magic sauce' or just 'a better mousetrap?'

As the new "science of reading" curriculum is rolled out in kindergarten through Grade 2 across New Brunswick, students who couldn't learn to read in crowded classrooms share what it's like to not feel 'smart enough.'

The way we teach kids to read is changing — but will it work?

All New Brunswick students will be taught to read in a new way this September, when a new curriculum is rolled out in kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 anglophone classrooms.