Steven Webb


Steven Webb is a producer for CBC based in Saint John.

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Early research suggests winter ticks are killing young moose in New Brunswick

A researcher studying moose in New Brunswick and Quebec says recent data shows an infestation of ticks can be fatal for a moose calf.

Developer loses bid to have 1800s building removed from Saint John heritage zone

Saint John city council has said no to a request to move a designated heritage property out of its heritage zone. Oddly, the request came from one of the city’s prominent pro-heritage developers, who once served as Saint John’s heritage officer.

Learning to live with the Canada goose, a veritable 'poop machine'

The Canada goose, introduced into New Brunswick in the 1990s, has exploded in numbers and loves to live in popular recreational areas.

City of Saint John takes steps to tear down apartment building damaged by fire

The City of Saint John is taking steps to demolish a north end building badly damaged by fire, just in case the company that owns the property doesn’t tear the dangerous apartment complex down.

Spring in New Brunswick is just about ready to hum

The ruby-throated hummingbird is a fan favourite in the New Brunswick spring and backyard birdwatchers will start putting out feeders to attract the tiny birds to their yards.

City of Saint John unveils plan to get rid of its carbon-emitting vehicles

The City of Saint John is putting a plan in place to get rid of combustion-engined vehicles in its fleet by 2040.

De-paved paradise: Environmental group targets asphalt in Saint John park

ACAP Saint John tried a pilot project last fall to remove asphalt surface from a neglected Saint John park. It looks like that effort could lead to more work at the park.

Saint John ride-share bylaw gets support, but obstacles remain

It looks like ride-sharing businesses will soon be legal in Saint John, but people hoping to catch an Uber to work may have a while to wait.

Saint John curbside recycling program costs grow thanks to COVID-19 pandemic

The City of Saint John’s effort to bring curbside recycling to its residents had to jump another hurdle created by the COVID-19 pandemic Monday night.

Saint John's 'short-term' soup kitchen marks 40 years of service

It was supposed to be a short-term fix for some economic hard times in Saint John. But 40 years after it opened, Romero House is still operating 365 days a year, serving meals to people in need.