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Steven Webb is a producer for CBC based in Saint John.

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Gaspé caribou, the last of herds that once roamed the Maritimes, face extinction

In the highlands of Gaspésie National Park, just a two-hour drive or so from Campbellton, you can find the only herd of caribou living south of the St. Lawrence River.

Welsh filmmaker pays tribute to fallen New Brunswick airman in short film

A Welsh filmmaker pays tribute to a fallen New Brunswick airman who died while training in Wales in 1941

Efforts underway to mark the grave of first Canadian-born Black lawyer

If everything goes according to plan, Abraham Beverley Walker, one of New Brunswick’s pioneering lawyers, will no longer be buried in an unmarked grave.

Bat-box owners wanted: Researchers launch 3-year survey to study health of bat populations

If you have a bat box or two on your property, or are thinking of installing one, a group of researchers would like to get a little help from you.

Art workshop for people with mental disabilities battles through pandemic challenges

With COVID-19 guidelines making its regular operations difficult, this workshop and gallery for artists with mental disabilities is looking to the community for financial help.

Call him an 'activist artist': Giving New Brunswick-born painter E.M Bannister his due

His paintings adorn the walls of of some of the most important buildings in the United States, but it's past time to give New Brunswick-born Black artist E.M. Bannister his due for a lifetime of achievements.

New Brunswick's theatres work to bring back live performances — possibly by year's end

After a year of cancellations and postponements, New Brunswick's live theatre venues hope the COVID-19 vaccine will bring the return of live shows and full theatres.

New Brunswick native leaves behind the '24-hour clock' of the UN to come back home

Her work with the United Nations took her around the world, but New Brunswick's Susan McDade says coming back home to Rothesay is like winning the lottery.

The day the doctors walked

It was a standoff between the province and its doctors that led to something rarely seen in this country. On Jan. 8, 2001, most of New Brunswick’s family doctors shut down their offices, going on strike in an effort to get the Bernard Lord government to increase doctors' fees.

50-year stalwart of Saint John music scene dies at 81

For most Saint Johners, the name Johnny Stoltz wouldn’t mean much. But if you were around the city in the '70s, '80s and '90s, you likely would know him by his stage name: Johnny Storm.