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Sophia Etuhube works with CBC News in Fredericton. Sophia worked as a video producer in Nigeria before joining CBC News. You can send story tips to

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Heart and Seoul: South Korean couple whip up sweet treats at Fredericton café

Young couple from Seoul has opened a Fredericton café with a fusion of French and Korean recipes.

They came to Canada to study. Here are 3 stories of resilience, optimism and change

New Brunswick has for years welcomed international students from across the world. Three students share stories about how their community is enriching Fredericton — sometimes literally, because of economic impacts — as they build new homes.

Newcomers at N.B. summit focus on how to keep immigrants in province

The Newcomer Summit in Fredericton this week drew more than 300 immigrants eager help lay the foundation for a more inclusive society, where people new to the region can succeed and want to stay.

N.B. woman working to empower immigrant women to dream big 

Despite investing $40,000 to study for her MBA, Esther Hephzibah, an immigrant woman from Nigeria, was not able to get a job that matched her qualifications. Seven years she launched a business that empowers immigrant women.

Nigerian-born mom on a mission to boost immigrant kids' confidence as they settle in

Drawing on her own experience, Nigerian-born Faith Ashogbon started a youth program that is helping immigrant children settle in to their life in Canada.

Nut allergies threatened her life. She flipped the narrative and launched a business

Self-taught chef Jenna White became profoundly allergic to peanuts. Legally blind, her restaurant business started with two folding tables, a little cash and a booth the Boyce Farmers Market in Fredericton.

Her dance card is full: Meet a retiree who found a whole new career working with other seniors

Sher McIntosh, 70, honed her line-dancing skills in an unusual place: a parking lot in Ontario. Since she moved to Millville, N.B., last year, she teaches line dancing to area seniors and other residents no less than six times a week.

Meet an embroiderer who is passing on an ancient Indian tradition to her Canadian neighbours

Shisha embroidery, also known as mirror embroidery, was developed by poor people as a way to mimic the fashionable jeweled garments of the wealthy. Sarita Gujar is sharing this ancient art with other New Brunswickers.

Thanks to Fredericton, this Nigerian musician and rapper is singing again

Living in New Brunswick helped rising Nigerian hip hop performer Chijioke Okorie find his voice — and his place on the stage. A decade after he came to Canada to study engineering, he's now at home both in the studio and behind the mic.

Meet an African entrepreneur who had plans for her business before she even arrived in N.B.

When Bolaji Akintola arrived in New Brunswick five years ago, she came prepared. She had a plan for what would become the Divine African Market. She sells fresh food and other goods to immigrants craving a taste of home, as well as to local customers wanting to know more about African culture through food.