Shane Fowler


Shane Fowler has been a CBC journalist based in Fredericton since 2013.

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No consultation with teachers so far on Policy 713 review, says NBTA

The New Brunswick Teachers' Association says it has yet to be approached for input on the review of Policy 713 by the Higgs government, which is scheduled to be completed by the first week of June. 

Buckle up — construction season in Fredericton has begun

Construction season has begun in Fredericton and it's already causing some headaches. Take an overhead look at how downtown traffic is affected.

Pugilist Pride: A Boxer's Life shows the connections and camaraderie of the sport

An exhibit by photographer Gary Weekes documents boxers at the Fredericton Boxing Club during an eased phase of the pandemic. 

Seal population rising in and around Saint John Harbour, study says

There are more seals in and around Saint John Harbour than there were 30 years ago, and they’re staying year-round.

This 109-year-old bridge was closed years ago. It's still used every day

The Morrissy Bridge in Miramichi was closed 15 years ago, but visit the bridge today and you’ll still find dozens of pedestrians, cyclists and anglers sidestepping the many signs and barricades.

All-girls hockey tournament kicks off in Fredericton

Hockey teams from across New Brunswick will descend on Fredericton for a tournament this weekend. But what sets this competition apart is that every player on the ice will be a girl under the age of 13.

60 years and counting: How 3 longtime N.B. eateries have stood the test of time

In the fickle world of the restaurant business, lasting more than a decade can be a major accomplishment.

Alberta ad campaign urging Prince Edward Island workers to go west

A new ad campaign coming out of Alberta is attempting to convince skilled workers to leave P.E.I., which is also dealing with a labour shortage, and relocate to Western Canada.

Giant sandpiper made of steel, fibreglass, epoxy — and a dash of controversy

For the last two months, artist Robin Hanson has been creating what he believes to be the world's largest semipalmated sandpiper. At 2.4 metres tall and weighing around 135 kilograms, the bird is made of steel, fibreglass, epoxy — and a dash of controversy. 

When the King came to Doaktown: Woman, 94, recalls surprise royal visit to small town

In eight weeks, a new king will be crowned at Westminster Abbey, making it official for Charles III. More than eight decades ago, his grandfather, George VI, made an unexpected stop in the small New Brunswick community of Doaktown — an unforgettable moment for Olive O'Donnell.