Robert Jones


Robert Jones has been a reporter and producer with CBC New Brunswick since 1990. His investigative reports on petroleum pricing in New Brunswick won several regional and national awards and led to the adoption of price regulation in 2006.

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Saint John's most expensive homes assessed by N.B. at less than full sale price

In 2014, a house in an exclusive Saint John neighbourhood sold for $5.15 million. Eight years later, it's assessed for taxes by Service New Brunswick for less than half that sale price — $2.44 million.

Mysterious spike in N.B. deaths in 2021 not due to COVID, health minister says

A mysterious spike in 'excess' deaths that began last summer as the COVID-19 Delta variant began spreading in the province saw 636 more deaths than normal over a 20-week period, according to new estimates.  

Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton hotel sale triggers criticism of property assessments

The sale of three New Brunswick hotels in Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton that resulted in Service New Brunswick assessing  the Saint John property as the least valuable, even though it sold for $2 million more than the other two has Mayor Donna Reardon seething about the agency's work once again.

Tight New Brunswick housing markets trigger record construction 

New Brunswick housing markets are as tight as they've ever been, but new figures show record numbers of housing units are under construction and more building is planned for this spring.

50 litres of diesel now cost $59 more than last year. So who's getting that money?

Fifty litres of gas cost up to $91.25, this week in New Brunswick. But it's a bargain compared to the cost of 50 litres of diesel, which this week has been selling for up to $123.45.

N.B. landlords openly discussed ways around rent caps in video posted to YouTube

In an online talk posted to YouTube by the Moncton Real Estate Investing Organization, more than two dozen apartment building owners and managers heard discussion about ways to get around rent-caps, an exercise they believe government knows about.

Pandemic deaths in New Brunswick found to be much higher than official government count

New Brunswick recorded an estimated 423 deaths more than normal during an eight-week outbreak of the COVID-19 delta variant last fall, prompting questions about whether pandemic-related fatalities are being significantly underreported by the province's health officials.

Property taxes on homeowners in N.B. cities surge after year of record real estate sales

Robert Caverly moved from McAdam to Moncton last fall and was burned in the city's sizzling housing market.  

Carbon charges on large N.B. greenhouse gas emitters called 'surprisingly low'

The Irving Oil refinery and a group of large facilities in New Brunswick that released up to 3.84-million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2019 are being assessed federal carbon charges on less than two per cent of that amount, according to figures released by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Carbon charges, chaotic markets drive N.B. fuel prices to highest in region

Late last week, trading in gasoline markets in New York bumped up six cents. In response on Sunday, New Brunswick — alone among Maritime provinces — raised the ceiling on what consumers can be charged by gasoline retailers. It was the third increase in the province in four days.