Robert Jones


Robert Jones has been a reporter and producer with CBC New Brunswick since 1990. His investigative reports on petroleum pricing in New Brunswick won several regional and national awards and led to the adoption of price regulation in 2006.

Latest from Robert Jones

New Brunswick consumers may face double carbon charges on July 1

New Brunswick drivers appear likely to face two new carbon-related charges this time next month that could add as much as 12.4 cents per litre to the price of gasoline and 14.2 cents to diesel, factoring in all changes including the effect of the HST.

Company with McCain family connections buying up coastal properties near St. Martins

A Toronto company with McCain family connections has been buying up properties around the Quaco Head Lighthouse near St. Martins, but plans for the land are a mystery to local people.  

Ongoing Lepreau maintenance outage is 5th since 2018 to go over budget

N.B. Power is finding itself mired in another slow-moving and pricey maintenance shutdown at the Point Lepreau nuclear generating station after a faulty seal on a pump delayed a restart of the plant last week.

After N.B.'s deadliest year, COVID-related strokes and heart attacks are in the spotlight

New data from Statistics Canada suggests 9,288 people died in the province through 2022. If officially confirmed, the number will be a record for New Brunswick, obliterating the previous high set in 2021 by 1,179 deaths.

Deep cuts in New Brunswick timber royalties were 'a bit surprising,' top logging executive says

The head of one of New Brunswick's largest logging companies says he is puzzled at deep and retroactive discounts the province is proposing to make in its timber royalty charges to mill owners, eight months after raising them.

Sudden death of New Brunswick's top energy regulator called 'tremendous loss'

François  Beaulieu, the chairperson of New Brunswick's Energy and Utilities Board, died suddenly on the weekend and is being remembered as an important leader who will be missed.

$30M New Brunswick health contract awarded without bidding

The New Brunswick government gave itself 24 months to design and hold a competition for a 10-year, $30-million health services contract, but has reversed itself and awarded the work to Moncton's Medavie Blue Cross without seeking any bids.

New Brunswick to cut timber royalties charged to forestry companies up to $50M

Seven months after raising royalty rates on trees cut by industry in provincially owned forests, the New Brunswick government is proposing up to $50 million in reductions of those charges, with some rates falling all the way back to where they were a decade ago.

Electric vehicle registrations in 2022 eclipse previous 5 years combined in N.B.

Mike Quinn had been thinking about buying an electric vehicle for some time but when gasoline prices soared above $2 per litre last spring he decided it was time to make the switch.

No exceptions to tenant protections against large rent increases, minister says

New Brunswick's minister responsible for housing says landlords who have been told by the Residential Tenancies Tribunal they can raise rents on tenants above 7.3 per cent for 2023 without spreading the increase over two or three years are having those decisions reviewed and reversed if necessary.