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Rachel Cave is a CBC reporter based in Saint John, New Brunswick.

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Family of Steven Lutes says inquest into his 2017 death has opened old wounds

Simon Jones said he had known from WorkSafeNB investigators that his brother-in-law had been wearing his safety harness, but was not anchored in, when he fell from the fourth floor of the Hilton Garden Inn while it was under construction on Jan. 30, 2017.

Higher-risk workplaces should have on-site safety supervisors, inquest jury concludes

Steven Lutes was wearing a body harness the day he fell to his death at the Hilton Garden Inn construction site in Fredericton five years ago, but it hadn’t been secured to an anchor point.

N.B. worksite where supervisor fell to his death short-handed, inquest hears

A construction worker who described himself as a right-hand man to the late Steven Lutes, says his supervisor’s death could have easily been prevented if Lutes had a spotter. 

Should job ads in N.B. always post the pay? Yes, say pay equity advocates

Advocates for pay equity in New Brunswick are meeting today to talk about what kind of law could help close the province’s gender pay gap. 

Investigator told city of 46 possible victims of sexual predator on Saint John force

A private investigator who was hired in 2012 by the City of Saint John to find people who may have been sexually abused by former Saint John police officer Kenneth Estabrooks did not testify Wednesday as to why his investigation stopped.

4 men testify about sexual abuse by former Saint John police officer Kenneth Estabrooks

Four men between the ages of 58 and 66 have now described to a judge how they were terrorized as children by former Saint John police officer Kenneth Estabrooks, who died in 2005.

Victim describes effect of abuse by police officer as lawsuit against Saint John begins

Bobby Hayes, the representative plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against the City of Saint John, testified Monday that former police officer Kenneth Estabrooks ruined his life.

Neurodiversity social club helps autistic youth make friends

A program for Saint John youth whose brains work a little differently than most of their peers' is trying to grow to keep up with demand. 

New Brunswick launches new model of care for youth with complex needs

Some New Brunswick children with complex needs who now live in group homes are being prepared to move in with adults paid to stay at home and focus on their care. 

Man rescued by freighter en route to Saint John charged with mother's murder

Nathan Carman has always maintained that he and his mother had an accident while they were on a fishing trip nearly six years ago. An indictment filed May 2 by U.S. attorney Nikolas Kerest paints a very different picture.