Pierre Battah

Human resource management consultant

Pierre Battah is Information Morning's Workplace Specialist. Battah & Associates is a management consulting firm specializing in Human Resource Management.

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Columnist Pierre Battah shares tips for planning a successful management retreat.

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Pierre Battah shares his list of favourite books to enjoy for the holidays.

Employee training that sticks

It's happened to most of us. We attend a great presentation or training seminar, and return to our workplace with the best of intentions to put our new-found skill set, tools or knowledge to immediate use.

The wisdom, power and fun of workplace celebrations

After the 2017 Houston Astros won game 7 and Baseball’s World Series, the cameras turned to a group of exuberant athletes and their bosses jumping up and down in celebration followed by drenching themselves in various beverages.

Tips on increasing productivity and battling workplace distractions

Many workers need to concentrate deeply to get their work done, yet workplace design, technology and our colleagues conspire to distract us.

Suppressing workplace gossip, despite its benefits

Every workplace has some gossip, but the level of gossip has to be monitored and dealt with by good managers.
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Understanding workplace influence and leadership

Managers have learned that the ability to influence through means other than directing and telling is now a must-have for leaders.
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Why unconscious bias matters

Companies may not be hiring the right mix of people because individual bias is getting in the way.
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Building tomorrow's leaders today

Suggestions for how to build tomorrow's leaders today by focusing on high-potential younger workers.
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'The right to disconnect' and other worthwhile conversations

When employees and their bosses have the 'disconnect conversation,' how about a chat about other grey zones, so employees aren't left to wonder whether they're on the right or the wrong side of the bosses' expectations.