Myfanwy Davies

Myfanwy Davies is an award-winning producer and documentary maker. Born in Bathurst, she has been a working journalist for 25 years. During that time, she has worked in Ottawa, Windsor, Halifax and Moncton. Since 2006, She has been the producer of Information Morning in Fredericton.

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A sword, a cane and an unlikely U.S. Civil War friendship

After the slaughter at the Battle of the Crater, fought in Virginia 155 years ago today, two officers — one Union and the other Confederate — struck up an unusual friendship that reverberates in New Brunswick even now through a gold-topped ebony cane. 

Saving a dying language: stories of some hopeful rescuers

In New Brunswick, the languages of the Wabanaki people — Passamaquoddy, Mi'kmaq and Wolastaquey — are endangered, but a few fluent speakers and some students are trying to breathe life back into them.

The Tuesday Club: Writer Jackie Webster gives up gavel at long-running Wednesday lunch

Fredericton writer Jackie Webster has kept a weekly lunch date with fellow journalists, politicians and lawyers for 32 years as part of the Tuesday Club, but says she's ready to pass the gavel.

'We were always going to be together,' spouse of slain police officer says

The wife of a fallen Fredericton police officer describes Const. Robb Costello as a committed family man who loved his job.

Lessons from a master storyteller

Stuart McLean, the host of CBC Radio's The Vinyl Cafe who died on Wednesday, taught me about radio at Ryerson University, and the moments from the meetings we had over the years since then have lingered.

88 keys: longtime piano tuner helps people make music

Tyrrell Pearson tuned a piano for his first paying customer 52 years ago and has been in the business ever since.
Atlantic Voice

Millinocket offers lessons for struggling Atlantic towns

In one-industry towns across Atlantic Canada, communities are struggling with job losses and population decline after that traditional industry has ended.

Maritimes Butterfly Atlas project taking flight

It's enough to set the hearts of butterfly researchers fluttering — they're getting more time to gather information on such butterflies as the early hairstreak and the eastern tailed blue.

Salvador Dali, other paintings return to Beaverbrook gallery

New Brunswick's most valuable art collection is back home after three years travelling around North America.

Canterbury tragedy brings outpouring of support

A tragedy that claimed the life of a young mother near Canterbury may help save lives in the future.