Mia Urquhart

Mia Urquhart is a CBC reporter based in Saint John. She can be reached at mia.urquhart@cbc.ca.

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Auditor general says N.B. hasn't done nearly enough to meet need for nursing home beds

New Brunswick Auditor General Kim Adair-MacPherson says the province is failing to address the demand for nursing homes — and falling more behind all the time.

Pandemic cancels proms and other activities for New Brunswick's class of 2021

School districts across the province have been notifying parents that proms, safe grads, and other end-of-high-school events will be cancelled for the class of 2021.

Province only reaches one-quarter of target for electric vehicles

New Brunswick has fallen well short of its targets for electric vehicles, although it is boasting a 50 per cent increase in the last year. 

Work on proposed Fundy Quay project in Saint John to begin in the spring

All three levels of government have pledged a total of $24 million to help prepare the former Coast Guard site on Saint John's waterfront for a new development.

By the numbers: A look at New Brunswick's first year with COVID-19

COVID-19 — a year in review. From the highest highs and the lowest lows, a look at the statistics of New Brunswick's first year with the disease.

Long-term study to look at why some can't shake the symptoms of COVID-19

A year-long study is trying to determine why so-called long-haulers continue to suffer from lingering symptoms of COVID-19.

Judge to decide whether to send 'sexual predator' back to prison

A Saint John judge has reserved decision on whether a man once described as a 'cunning, voracious sexual predator' breached the conditions of his release while at a halfway house in the city.

Taxpayers foot bill for 2nd residence in Fredericton for deputy tourism minister

Green Party Leader David Coon says civil servants should not be given secondary residences in Fredericton — they should move or commute.

Portrait of the artist as a young man: Sketches of shirtless Stompin' Tom unveiled

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery unveils some long-ago sketches that artist Fred Ross did of a teenage Tom Connors, before he became the beloved entertainer Stompin' Tom Connors.

COVID-19 has made people more reluctant to perform CPR

Some organizations have modified their message about mouth-to-mouth amid the fear of COVID-19.