Matthew Bingley


Matthew Bingley is a CBC reporter based in Saint John.

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Elvis, anxiety, and exorcism: Ex-preacher still looking for apology after being cut out of church

Musician Mike Bravener hasn't stopped performing as Elvis Presley even though his act contributed to a rift — and an attempted exorcism — at the Fredericton church the former preacher co-founded.

Saint John port sees big gains following massive setback

Despite losing half of its shipping container traffic, the port authority for Saint John posted major gains in 2017.

Hundreds of architects in Saint John for national festival

Hundreds of architects from across the country have arrived in Saint John to attend an annual festival aimed at learning, discussing the state of their industry, and pushing it forward.

New Brunswick taps into success at this year's national beer awards

Distinguished awards kept pouring in for New Brunswick craft brewers at the Canadian Brewing Awards in Halifax over the weekend.

Government commission helping flood victims navigate complex paperwork

A government agency in New Brunswick is trying it make it easier for some people to put their lives back together after this spring's record flooding by being more accessible.

Old Saint John Market windows turned into art for charity

After restoration work on the Saint John City Market tower, the building was left with a surplus of more than 60 old windows — and now, they are being turned into art.

Taking root: Willow trees used to bolster province's river systems

In a Fredericton greenhouse, thousands of juvenile willow trees are gaining their strength and soon they’ll become a valuable part of maintaining the health of the province’s river systems, while preventing further degradation.

Many flood-damaged homes in Saint John still unlivable

Even with the help of volunteers, friends and family members, people trying to pick up the pieces in their flood-damaged homes say it will be a long road to recovery.

'Crying is not going to help': Maugerville residents begin heartbreaking cleanup

Flood waters have receded enough to allow people to assess the damage and begin rebuilding their lives.

Flooded business owners battle nature to save livelihoods

While homeowners continue to struggle to keep ahead of rising waters, business owners affected by the flood are trying to assess the damage, while wondering what it means for the future.