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Maria Jose Burgos is an award-wining journalist with CBC New Brunswick based in Fredericton. She's originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Tips?

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Tackling racist attacks on Doone Street 'extremely critical,' says Fredericton's mayor-elect

Mayor-elect Kate Rogers says she'll soon tackle reports of racist attacks in Fredericton's Doone Street neighbourhood, which immigrant families say have been ignored by city hall for years. 

Pokémon-like salamander sold across N.B. illegally without government concern

Nadine Comeau says selling axolotls — a smiley, Pokémon-like amphibian — throughout her home province of New Brunswick has been a heartwarming experience. There's just one problem — it's illegal.

U of M drama professor fired after allegations of sexual harassment

The University of Moncton has fired drama professor Andréi Zahari after an independent investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, the university announced Thursday in a news release.

Immigrants urge N.B. to be leader and extend voting rights for municipal elections

Immigrants are asking New Brunswick to become the only province in Canada to give people who aren't citizens but have permanent resident status the right to vote in municipal elections.

Surviving the Guatemala massacre, torture and PTSD through storytelling

As an 11-year-old boy, Jeremias Tecú survived a massacre of Indigenous Mayans in Guatemala by hiding between huge tree roots. Now, his Moncton therapist has written a book about Tecú's story, a story of torture and murder, willpower and life.,

Ubuntu in Fredericton: Somali newcomer keeps up an African tradition of helping others

Somali Yusuf Shire grew up watching his grandparents feed orphans in a Kenyan refugee camp. To follow in their footsteps, Shire works nights and weekends in Fredericton trying to help fellow immigrants from African countries.

Fredericton's Hilltop pub stirs up memories with auction of 700 pieces of lively decor

About 700 items from Fredericton restaurant the Hilltop are being auctioned online, bringing back memories to many who considered the place an institution, especially toward the end of the last century.

Food truck business booming as some customers remain reluctant to sit at restaurants

A food truck owner based in Moncton says he is working more than 16 hours a day to keep up with orders, even though his usual venues — concerts and festivals — are cancelled because of the pandemic.

Unusual granite culvert from 1800s is collapsing. Community wants it saved

An unusual arch culvert from the 1800s is collapsing. Railway buffs and an amateur historian who have never seen anything like it want it restored.

Pandemic doesn't stop these 3 valedictorians from making big plans

For some students, the unusual turn of events this year was a reminder that when life doesn't go as you planned, what matters is how you react.