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Draft bylaw draws concerns from Miramichi's private woodlot owners

Private woodlot owners are raising concerns about a proposed new bylaw in the City of Miramichi which would require city approval before property owners could clear cut their land. 

Cities push for affordable housing, but what does 'affordable' really mean?

Questions have been raised about affordable housing units being planned for the New Brunswick Exhibition Grounds in Fredericton. The city has committed to ensuring that 20 per cent of the units in store for the site will have rents capped at 10 per cent below the market rate. 

Uncertainty at Fredericton council about how affordable NBEx housing will be

Some Fredericton city councillors have questioned a plan that would see 20 per cent of the residential buildings in the Exhibition Grounds redevelopment classified as affordable.

Affordable housing to be made a requirement for NBEx development

At least 20 per cent of the units in all housing projects built in the redevelopment of the NBEx site in Fredericton will be affordable, according to the plan that will guide that redevelopment. 

Councillor votes against project in own ward to make point about affordable units

Fredericton city council voted this week to allow a new six-storey, 50-unit apartment building on Dundonald Street, but one councillor voted no — to make a point about affordable housing.

Backlog of postponed weddings is making for a busy 2022 season

With COVID rules lifted in New Brunswick, the summer of 2022 is shaping up to be one of the busiest wedding seasons the industry can remember. 

Group trying to revive old Fredericton neighbourhood asks for 'historical' designation

Many of the houses in St. Mary's Ferry Landing in Fredericton date back more than 100 years, back to when a ferry connected the north and south banks of the St. John River.

Newcomers struggle under long waits for citizenship

The first thing Fatima Zeba does every morning is check the status of her citizenship application. She applied in 2019 and what was supposed to be a 12-month process, has now taken two-and-a-half years and counting. 

Talk turns to future of old Fredericton courthouse as construction starts on new one

As construction on Fredericton's new courthouse on King Street begins, discussions have started about what will happen to the old Justice Building and how to make sure the structure going back to the 1870s survives.

Fredericton council approves $900,000 in work on site of unconfirmed arts centre

Fredericton councillors have voted to spend nearly $900,000 on foundation work needed to protect the site of a potential performing arts centre as construction on an adjacent site begins, even though the arts centre has struggled to gain traction from other levels of government.