Julia Wright

Host, Information Morning Saint John

Julia Wright is a born-and-raised Saint Johner, reporter, photographer, and the host of Information Morning Saint John on 91.3FM. She has been with the CBC since 2016.

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How one Saint John woman helped her mother flee the war in Ukraine

When bombs started falling on the northern Ukranian city of Chernihiv, Saint Johner Olena Tykhonovska knew she had to get her mom to safety. So she bought a plane ticket.

Why one family doctor says she had to leave New Brunswick

Thousands of patients were left without a family doctor when Dr. Julie Hildebrand left Saint John after 10 years in practice. Now, she wants to talk about why.

This 90-year-old New Brunswick curler is in no hurry to give up the game

John Marr is local legend among his teammates at the Hampton Curling Club. He plays three times a week and "has a knack for pulling a great shot out in the last end or two, and winning," says club secretary Ron Badger. 

N.B. man barred from joining Saint John police commission despite having a clean record

Matthew Martin has never been charged with a crime. He's never been arrested, pulled over, or received so much as a parking ticket. He was shocked to learn he failed a security check and could only speculate about why.

Some sword-swallowing with your souvlaki? Saint John restaurant marks 50 years in business

Fire-dancers. Sword-swallowing acts. Train derailments. Tiny Tim playing "Tip-Toe Through the Tulips" on the ukulele. The Med has seen a lot of excitement over the past five decades.

Syrian woman builds better life through unlikely friendship with Saint John retiree and his wife

Asrar Aldekas arrived in Saint John from Syria in 2019 with no job, no family or friends and no ability to speak English. Through her friendship with Kevin and Tina Jane Standing, she's learned carpentry and English, and they've been introduced to vegetable gardening and Syrian food.

Meet the first 3 women training to work one of Port Saint John's most dangerous jobs

Container lashing used to be man's work. Not anymore. Hanna Graham, Guylaine Cyr and Liz Kramer are the first women in Port Saint John history to pass the test to do it.

Long story: Exploring the hidden history of Long Island

Once a thriving farming community, Long Island in the Kennebecasis River is a destination for boaters, ATVers, and hikers. But just because it's accessible doesn't mean it's safe.

Restoring the legacy of a 'trailblazing' Black Saint John writer

Born in Saint John in 1887, she wrote about the city from a perspective few people appreciated.

Love at the nursing home: A Saint John couple's unlikely romance

'Even during COVID-19, there is love still going around.'