Jonna Brewer

Host, Information Morning Moncton

Jonna Brewer has done many jobs at CBC Moncton, from reporter to executive producer, since joining CBC in 1988. She is currently the host of Information Morning in Moncton.

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How this tortoise gets around using a makeshift wheelchair

A story about a tortoise and a chair.

Death from despair at the Restigouche Hospital Centre

Members of Martin Michaud's family say his death at New Brunswick's psychiatric hospital in Campbellton in February could have been prevented. Michaud took his life two days after a scathing report found patient mistreatment, inadequate care and understaffing at the Restigouche Hospital Centre.

Sackville high school football team rolls to 4th consecutive title

A high school football team has won its fourth consecutive championship one year after controversy arose over the players’ style.

A home of their own: 3 immigrants share their stories

Three immigrants in Moncton share their stories of the challenges and successes they've experienced in New Brunswick since arriving in Canada.

Alex Colville's tiny studio recreated in his former Sackville home

When you walk up to the modest, white clapboard house at 76 York St. in Sackville, it's hard to believe it was once home to Alex Colville, one of Canada's most beloved artists.

Quilted with love: Dying mother has son's quilt made with help from many hands

Sheelagh Callaghan was not the type of person who would ask for help — so when she approached her closest friends about helping her complete a personal project, they knew what it meant.

A Moncton writer confronts her 'anxiety monster'

For a woman who juggled demands of family and career for years, seemingly effortlessly, no one could have guessed that a teeny taste of butter would be Cathy Donaldson's tipping point.

Viola Léger of La Sagouine stars in new film Home Care

As she prepares to make a big change in her own life, actress Viola Léger says she can relate to the character she plays in her new film, Home Care.

Moncton wait times for knee and hip replacements longest in New Brunswick

Vivian LeBlanc says New Brunswickers like her who have spent their lives working hard deserve better from the health-care system than a two-year wait for a knee replacement.
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Sean Michaels, Us Conductors author, talks about his inspiration

CBC's Jonna Brewer interviewed author Sean Michaels about writing his Giller award-winning book, Us Conductors.