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Jennifer Sweet has been telling the stories of New Brunswickers for over 20 years. She is originally from Bathurst, got her journalism degree from Carleton University and is based in Fredericton. She can be reached at 451-4176 or

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Roadside History

This back country road in southeast N.B. has a surprising work of Italian marble art

At first glance, Sanatorium Road in Westmorland County might look like any other rural New Brunswick two-lane.  But if you know where to look, there's something that sets it quite apart.

Acadian Peninsula family takes in Mexican fish-plant workers after fire

The manager of a fish plant in Grande-Anse, N.B., says Mexican workers who were boarding at her brother’s house have become like family, so it’s perhaps no surprise that their parents have taken many of them into their home in the wake of a devastating fire.

N.B. education minister defends Policy 713 review as student rallies continue

New Brunswick's education minister is blaming the media for widespread public backlash over the review of Policy 713.

Thieves strike Fredericton's Habitat for Humanity store

An official with Habitat for Humanity in New Brunswick says he is disheartened by a series of thefts and break-ins in the last couple of weeks at the group’s second-hand store in Fredericton.

4-year rollout revealed for new recycling program in N.B.

A new producer-pay recycling system coming to New Brunswick starting next fall may not result in much, if any, improvement for residents for several years to come, other than the fact they will no longer be footing the bill as taxpayers.

Anglophone school council members speak out about proposed loss of authority

The provincial government is getting some blowback from district education councillors over plans to reduce their powers.
Question & Answer

Q&A: What New Brunswickers should know before buying an electric vehicle

CBC News invited New Brunswickers to submit their questions about EVs and got some answers from locals who drive them, from the utility that powers them and from engineers at the forefront of EV research and development.

Seizure caused crash into Sobeys, says Fredericton man who survived harrowing experience

A Fredericton-area family is opening up about the medical disorder they say was behind a spectacular car crash last weekend.

Orphaned patient cries foul over retiring doctor's handling of medical records

A Riverview woman says she has complaints and concerns about the way medical records are being handled when doctors close their practices without having another doctor to take over.

Pet owners advised to keep dogs and cats away from dead birds

With geese and other wild birds returning to the region every day, New Brunswick dog and cat owners should be aware of the risk of avian influenza, says the registrar of the New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association.