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Gary Moore is a video journalist based in Fredericton.

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Street Feast, P.E.I. Marathon organizers hope events bring sense of normalcy

Downed power lines, massive fallen trees and power outages in parts of Charlottetown are presenting a tricky situation for event organizers who have decided they will proceed despite post-tropical storm Fiona.

Snow Cone, a right whale entangled in fishing rope, spotted with calf in U.S.

A right whale that had been entangled in fishing rope — some of which had been removed by rescuers earlier this year — was spotted this week off the coast of Georgia with a new calf.

Ditching glasses: N.B. optometrists seeing a trend during pandemic

Some New Brunswick optometrists are seeing a trend during the pandemic. Some people are ditching their glasses.

Penniac Bridge closed indefinitely due to safety concerns

The New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure closed the Penniac Bridge Friday afternoon due to safety concerns. The province didn't provide information about what caused the sudden closure but said it would be closed indefinitely.

Once anti-vaxx, New Brunswick woman pleads to unvaccinated not to follow her lead

A New Brunswick woman who was once an anti-vaxxer is now pleading with unvaccinated people to get the COVID-19 vaccine after the virus put her in the hospital.

New crematorium is a surprise to Fredericton neighbourhood

Some Fredericton residents were surprised to learn a crematorium was opening in the area without any public consultation. Residents say they're concerned about the health and environmental impacts.

Residents concerned about future of services at Upper River Valley Hospital

Residents of the Woodstock area are concerned about the future of some services at the Upper River Valley Hospital.

N.B. superfan finally meets idol, NHL superstar Connor McDavid

Connor McDavid made a dream come true for an N.B. teenager. The NHL superstar flew Recchi Robichaud, and his parents, to Edmonton for a meet and greet after hearing about the teen's hockey card collection.

Sizzling bacon prices cause headaches for restaurant owners

The owner of a Fredericton diner says the cost of bacon has doubled since the beginning of the pandemic. Industry experts blame pressures on the supply chain.

Fully vaccinated concertgoers celebrate the return of Harvest Music Festival

Harvest Music Festival is one of the first major events to bring touring international acts back to the province since the start of the pandemic.