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Dream vacation turns into a Fredericton woman's insurance nightmare

A Fredericton woman is on the hook for nearly $50,000 US in medical bills after falling ill during a trip to Pennsylvania. Sandra White thought she was covered, but a technicality in Blue Cross policy made her claim ineligible.

Carleton County hamlet boasts its own 'magnetic hill'

The optical illusion known as Magnetic Hill is one of Moncton's claims to fame, but it's not the only one in the province. Shepherd Hill, in the Carleton County community of Johnville, is magnetic too.

'I live with this every day,' man convicted in crash that killed brother tells judge

A Harvey man who was behind the wheel of a late night crash in 2017 that killed his younger brother and injured a friend says he lives with that every day.

Son at a loss for answers after Caraquet senior with stage 4 bedsore dies

Steven Hawkins is still searching for answers and seeking accountability in the death of his mother. Lola Chiasson Hawkins, 82, died in April after being bedridden in hospital for 14 months and developing with a horrific bedsore.

Double-budget day for New Brunswick on Tuesday

Tuesday with be a double-budget day in New Brunswick, with the provincial 2019-20 budget being tabled in Fredericton and the federal budget in Ottawa.

Woman's U.S. cancer surgery to be covered by Medicare after appeal

After facing the prospect of having to sell their home to pay for Marilyn Steele's medical bills in the United States, the Steele family just found out Medicare will cover the costs.

Woman may lose home after learning New Brunswick Medicare won't cover Florida cancer surgery

Marilyn Steele's roller-coaster ride of pain and panic began in December when she was diagnosed with a fast-moving cancer. After undergoing surgery days later in Florida, her family says she's at risk of losing her home to cover tens of thousands of dollars in surgery bills because New Brunswick won't pay them.

Composite decking led to 2.4-metre fall from ladder, says carpenter

Terry Peterson was climbing up a ladder to fix the roofing tiles on a home in Hartland on Oct. 27 when the ladder slipped and he fell 2.4 metres.

Accused Fredericton shooter will undergo psychiatric assessment

The man accused of killing four people, including two police officers, in Fredericton in August will undergo a 60-day psychiatric assessment, Judge Julian Dickson ruled Tuesday.

Fredericton man tried to kill wife with sword, pickaxe after argument over sex

A Fredericton man tried to kill his wife with a 30-pound decorative sword and a 36-inch pickaxe after they argued about sex, provincial court heard on Tuesday.