Bridget Yard

Bridget Yard is the producer of CBC's Up North. She previously worked for CBC in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan as a video journalist and later transitioned to feature storytelling and radio documentaries.

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North Bay Pride to crown top Ontario drag performer

North Bay Pride is calling on drag performers across Ontario for a special upcoming competition.

Musher vaccinates hundreds of dogs in remote Moose Factory

People living on the James Bay coast struggle to access healthcare, never mind veterinary care for their pets, but thanks to a resourceful musher turned animal control officer, Moose Factory’s pet population is getting vaccinated against harmful diseases.

Sharing success: Indigenous entrepreneurs open trading post in North Bay, Ont.

Whitney Couchie and Anthony Beaucage knew they wanted to support their community through entrepreneurship, but success came faster than they were expecting. Last year, the couple founded a clothing brand called Anishwe, and this month, they celebrated the grand opening of their brick and mortar store.

Does 'lady-driven' still sell cars? There are reasons to slam brakes on the term

A Sudbury, Ont.-born woman living in Ottawa was irked after coming across online car ads that used the term lady-driven, because "driving can't and shouldn't be gendered." Some used-vehicle ads can be effective, while others veer into sexism and aren't even accurate, say experts.

Coronavirus anxiety leaves Sask. with surgical mask shortage

Saskatoon and Regina drugstores are trying to restock surgical masks but suppliers say they're out. Some are fielding up to 30 calls a day requesting masks.

Saskatoon mayor says social factors driving crime 'a wicked problem'

The Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners received the results Thursday of a community safety consultation held  Oct. 16 to hear concerns from members of the public.

Province sets new natural gas usage record, SaskEnergy says

SaskEnergy set a new natural gas usage record Wednesday, with frigid temperatures expected to last through the weekend.

Wondering where to take your kids on Saskatoon's coldest days? Here are some fun indoor options

Once the temperature dips, kids' boredom can shoot up. There are plenty of affordable alternatives to the TV this winter.

Future nurses, teachers flock to bilingual programs at Sask. post-secondary institution

La Cité universitaire francophone is experiencing growth within its programs created in partnership with the other faculties at the University of Regina.

Wildlife rehab says 'pink eye for birds' a growing problem in Sask.

Conjunctivitis is spreading quickly among small birds feasting at feeders in Saskatoon.