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Angela Bosse is a reporter with CBC New Brunswick.

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Collecting ash seeds this year may give the species a second chance

The National Tree Seed Centre in Fredericton is asking the public to help identify ash tree populations and harvest seeds that can be preserved in a seed bank.

Meet the Fredericton man who's skiing to the bottom of the world

Brian Jones skied to the North Pole more than 10 years ago. This January, he will tackle the South pole, then climb the highest peak in Antarctica.

How a Second World War soldier's biography spanned generations between kindred spirits

Alex Landine's great-uncle, Harland Steeves, was killed in battle in the Second World War. But through research and a trip to Normandy, Landine has discovered a connection between them he never knew was there.

The scoop on garlic scapes and how to eat them

If you've ever received a bunch of scapes in your produce box and had no idea what to do with them, farmers Peter Gerber and Duncan Godfried have plenty of ideas

2 dead after shots fired at Pointe-Sapin business

RCMP have confirmed two people are dead after shots were fired Thursday morning at a business in Pointe-Sapin on the Northumberland Strait.

Arson suspected in early morning car and house fire in Fredericton

A small fire that destroyed a vehicle and part of the house it spread to on Gibson Street in Fredericton is being investigated as arson.

$2 an hour for 20 years: Woman with Down syndrome gets chance at minimum wage

Annie Ray is 41-years-old and has Down syndrome. After almost 20 years working for $2 an hour at a catering company, she's about to get the chance to work for minimum wage for the first time.

LGBTQ group denounces hate graffiti on Riverview rainbow crosswalk

Anti-gay slurs and tire marks defaced the recently painted rainbow crosswalk outside Riverview High School.

Displaced tenants prepare to live in tents as emergency shelter closes

Tenants displaced from Miramichi apartment building may end up in tents while they wait for renovations to be completed.

Capturing nature: 5 tips from an award-winning photographer

Tracy Munson, an award-winning pet and nature photographer based in New Brunswick, offers her top wildlife and nature photography tips.

Posters from the Picture Province: artist's vintage style brings Canadians home

Inspired by the artwork from mid-century Canadian Pacific Railway travel posters, graphic artist Eric Goggin decided to emulate the style with a series of posters of the Maritimes.

No-swimming advisory at Parlee Beach on day marking cleanliness designation

No swimming advisory due to fecal bacteria warning issued on same day officials are celebrating Parlee Beach Provincial Park's Blue Flag designation.

Radon levels above limit at Meduxnekeag Consolidated School

Recent testing revealed radon levels above Health Canada limits at Meduxnekeag Consolidated School.

Fredericton company develops all natural preservative using mushrooms

Chiber, a product developed by Chinova Bioworks, will offer food and beverage companies an alternative to artificial preservatives like sodium benzoate and sodium sorbate, which have been linked in studies to health risks such as breast cancer.

Escuminac disaster survivor remembers fateful day 60 years ago

Aldore McIntyre had just turned 17 when he went out on a fishing boat with his father and younger brother the day in 1959 a hurricane devastated the small port of Escuminac, N.B. The McIntyres survived, but 35 people died.