New Brunswick

Ambulance service in Chipman to be reduced, says CUPE

Ambulance New Brunswick has been directed by the provincial government to cut one ambulance in the Chipman area this summer, says CUPE.

Gallant Liberals have instructed Ambulance NB to eliminate one ambulance in June, Ralph McBride says

 The Canadian Union of Public Employees says Chipman will be losing one of its ambulances this summer.

Four ambulances cover the Minto-Chipman-Mill Cove area, with two of them stationed in Chipman (CBC)
Ralph McBride, co-ordinator of CUPE Local 4848, representing paramedics and dispatchers, says Ambulance New Brunswick has been directed by the provincial government to eliminate one of the ambulances stationed in the community by mid-June.

"This decision to eliminate one ambulance will have an impact on the services offered in Boisetown, Doaktown, Stanley and even Fredericton," McBride said in a statement.

There are currently four ambulances covering the Minto-Chipman-Mill Cove area, two of which are stationed in Chipman, he said.

Under the dynamic deployment system used by Ambulance New Brunswick, when one ambulance is responding to an emergency call, there is still another one as backup.

"Health Minister Victor Boudreau seems to think of profit over patient safety and care," said McBride.

"Once more, the Brian Gallant government is targeting rural New Brunswickers and is showing us they don't care about the wellbeing of New Brunswickers; the only thing that seems to matter is balancing the books."

Between eight and 10 full-time and part-time paramedics are expected to be affected, said McBride.

The paramedics will receive their 30-day layoff notices on Tuesday, he said.


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