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Alma welcomes lobster season with party

The lobster fishermen of Alma cheered on by hundreds of spectators on Friday morning as they head off to work on the first day of lobster season.

Hundreds turn out to see the lobster fleet off at Alma Fleet Launch

Hundreds of spectators gathered at the wharf in Alma to send-off the lobster fleet on the first day of the season. (Alma Village)

The lobster fishermen of Alma were cheered on by hundreds of spectators on Friday morning as they headed off to work on the first day of lobster season.

A crowd of Alma residents gathered by the wharf to see off the boats that will bring back the delectable ocean-dwellers.

Jane Chrysostom, the co-ordinator of the Alma Fleet Launch, said the launch has become a significant event in the community.

"Last year at a very, very pre-dawn fleet launch we had over 600 people come. So, it's a big draw," said Chrysostom.

A piper was on the wharf in Alma early Friday morning to send off the lobster fleet. (Submitted by Andrew Chrysostom)
The lobster industry is important to many small communities along the Bay of Fundy and Alma is no exception, which is why so many residents come out to send the ships off.

"We're wishing them the best wishes for safety of course out on those Bay of Fundy waters, for an abundant catch and really to share our devotion for the industry," said Chrysostom.

It's not just the spectacle of watching the fleet set sail that draws people to the event.

There was music, comedy and even food on hand for breakfast. And there was an opportunity for people to experience the day from a lobster's point of view.

Human-sized trap

"There's a human-sized lobster trap. Perfect for the photographic opportunity when you get trapped in Alma," said Chrysostom.

Even with all the extras, the boats are still the main event.

"It's such a colourful and bustling activity. Some of those boats have 300 traps on them. They are fully loaded with colourful buoys and bright lights," said Chrysostom.

While the event has grown important to the locals, visitors are not only welcomed but encouraged to show up.

"We are happy to share, and certainly happy to brag about, the wonderful community we have here," said Chrysostom.

With files from Information Morning Saint John.