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All-white beaver shocks Beaver Dam man

A Beaver Dam man is in complete awe of an encounter he had with a blazing white beaver this week. 

Rare rodent makes a surprising appearance

The rare rodent came quite close to Paul Mikolas while he managed to take some photos. It then vanished and he hasn't seen it since. (Submitted by Paul Mikolas)

A Beaver Dam man is in complete awe of an encounter he had with a blazing white beaver this week. 

Paul Mikolas says he was standing near the river by his home, in the aptly named community south of Fredericton, when an all-white beaver swam right up to him. 

"Pure white," said Mikolas. "And it was huge." 

Mikolas said the size of the animal took him by surprise, just as much as its bright white coat. 

"I've never seen one this big," he said. "It was the most bizarre experience I've ever had in my life."

Finding an all-white beaver in Beaver Dam... Does it get better than that? Stunned Paul Mikolas recounts the encounter. 0:59

Because beavers are normally shy and wary animals, Mikolas said this white beaver's behaviour took him by complete surprise.

Once it noticed him, he said, it swam across the river, against the current, toward him. 

"It came over to say 'Hi' basically, I guess," said Mikolas. "I could have reached down and stroked its head if I wanted to, it was that close.

"It sat there in the water looking up at me and then it did a little spin, and gave its tail a little slap on the water and dove underwater and went downstream and disappeared. And if I didn't have the pictures, I honestly wouldn't have believed it happened." 

Since then Mikolas has kept a sharp eye out for the white beaver but hasn't come across it since.

Mikolas was visited by a white beaver, which he describes a giant. (Submitted by Paul Mikolas)

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