New Brunswick

2nd train derails in Saint John

There's been another train derailment in Saint John - the second one in the city in as many months.

2 incidents in as many months

There's been another train derailment in Saint John — the second one in the city in as many months.

The cause of both incidents remains unclear.

Three NB Southern Railway tank cars left the tracks near Shur-Fit Automotive on Rothesay Avenue Tuesday, at about 4:30 a.m, said company spokeswoman Mary Keith.

The cars contained spin acid, molten sulphur and a small amount of crude oil, according to fire officials.

But the cars remained upright and undamaged and no leaks occurred, Keith said in an emailed statement.

The contents of one car were pumped off to an adjacent car as precautionary measure, she said.

The Saint John Fire Department supervised the product transfer and the Department of Environment "reported no issues or concerns," said Keith.

The cause of the derailment is suspected to be a switch malfunction, but has not yet been confirmed. said Keith.

The investigation continues.

"The incident occurred during the slow shunting of the rail cars," she said.

All of the cars were back on the tracks and operations normal by 5:30 p.m., said Keith.

Impact on all other rail operations was minimal, she said.

On March 6, a dozen CN rail cars that were carrying potash went off the tracks that run parallel to Crown Street, which are maintained by NB Southern Railway.

Four of the cars flipped onto their sides, spilling some potash on the ground.

There were no injuries and no environmental issues, officials said.

The cause of that incident has not been released. Keith did not offer any comment.