New Brunswick

17 charged with illegally importing liquor from Quebec

RCMP have charged 17 people in a bid to stem the illegal importation of liquor into New Brunswick from Quebec.

RCMP have charged 17 people in a bid to stem the illegal importation of liquor into New Brunswick from Quebec.

Nearly 5,000 bottles and cans of beer have been seized by Campbellton RCMP during the past two weekends, Sgt. Stephen Dibblee stated in a release.

By law, the maximum amount of alcohol that can be legally imported into New Brunswick from another province is one bottle of wine or hard liquor, or 12 pints of beer, which is approximately 24 bottles or cans, said Dibblee.

Offenders are subject to an automatic fine of $292.50 and their liquor is seized and destroyed, he said.

"These were not situations where someone was a few cans over the limit," said Dibblee.

The smallest seizure where someone was charged involved 144 beer, while the largest seizure was more than 1,000 beer, he said.