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137 recommendations to improve walking routes to Fredericton schools

A report issued to the City of Fredericton recommends 137 changes be made in order to make walking and biking to school safer and easier.

Sidewalks, lighting, more crossing guards among changes city can make

137 recommendations were made to the City of Fredericton geared towards getting kids to walk or bike to school if possible. (CBC)

 A report issued to the City of Fredericton recommends 137 changes be made in order to make walking and biking to school safer, and routes more accessible.  

Recommendations include creating and upgrading crosswalks, creating and improving sidewalks, better lighting for pathways, and implementing traffic calming measures.

"If you have more kids walking to school, they're participating in some sort of movement and more active transportation," said Isabelle Ouellette, an engineering services intern who presented the recommendations Tuesday.  

"And in theory if you have more people walking you would have less cars."

Isabelle Ouellette, an engineering services intern, wrote the report for the City of Fredericton. (CBC)
Ouellette's report comes after a four-month research period looking at 21 schools in the city, including 16 elementary schools and five middle schools.

More crossing guards recommended

It was also recommended the city invest in more crossing guards and noted that two schools, George Street and Bliss Carman Middle Schools, do not have any crossing guards working in their areas. 

Ouellette stated McAdam Elementary and École Les Éclaireurs were two schools that saw the most recommendations made for changes.  

École Les Éclaireurs, located on Eco-terra Drive on the city's north side, lacks a sidewalk for a large stretch of roadway leading to the school's entrance.

In some cases students walking to the school must use the road's shoulder. There are no crosswalks on the street. 

Better lighting

"Lighting in the winter is also something I noticed," said Ouellette. "When small children cross the street in the dark they're hard to see." 

Ouellette said the next stage of the program will be to build a ''walkability map" that would outline the best routes in order to get children to and from school safely. 

"That's something we'd like to make available for the public at some point," she said.


Shane Fowler


Shane Fowler has been a CBC journalist based in Fredericton since 2013.