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12-metre totem hoisted in front of Grey Rock centre

A 12-metre totem was hoisted in front of the Grey Rock Entertainment Center in Edmundston on Wednesday.

Madawaska First Nation believes new totem will attract visitors to the Grey Rock Entertainment Center

Massive Madawaska totem

8 years ago
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Madawaska First Nation erects 12-metre totem pole outside casino.

A 12-metre totem was hoisted in front of the Grey Rock Entertainment Center in Edmundston on Wednesday.

The intricate totem cost $200,000 and people of the Madawaska First Nation believe it's worth the investment.

They hope it will act like a beacon, attracting guests to their new gaming facility.

The totem pole was carved by four people in Sequim, a small community in Washington State. John Bernard said it took three months to find a tree large enough to carve the totem. He said it is an 800-year-old red cedar.

The totem is called, "Eyes on the future". The small community of 200 people hopes the future will be one of economic prosperity, for both them and their neighbours in Edmundston.

"We decided to invest because this Grey Rock Entertainment Centre is going to give a lot to our community," said Donna Wallace.

The profits from the entertainment centre will be shared among the band, the owner, and the provincial government. As well, 10 per cent of the profits will be going to a fund for all of New Brunswick's First Nations communities.