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10 stunning fall photos from CBC NB Shift listeners

Shift NB made a call-out for fall photos of scenes around New Brunswick for a contest. Many people entered for a chance to win a Shift mug.

Photographers and enthusiasts submit photos from across New Brunswick

Shift NB made a call-out for fall photos of scenes around New Brunswick for a contest, with many people entering for a chance to win a Shift mug. Here are 10 of our favourites.

Jason Nugent snapped this action shot of a First Nations dancer during the Mawiomi in Kouchibouguac National Park (Jason Nugent/Submitted)

Jason Nugent submitted a couple of photos. Nugent is an adventure photographer who travels the world for work and pleasure. He was in Kouchibouguac National Park to photograph the Mawiomi with Parks Canada and Tourism NB. 

"Mawiomi" means "gathering" in Mi'kmaq. The event is a gathering of people to celebrate aspects of Indigenous culture. Nugent says that the colours in the park were stunning, and the First Nations dancers provided "incredible juxtaposition."

"I've been to more than 90 countries now, and can live pretty much anywhere I want, but I choose here," says Nugent.  "There's nothing else like seeing the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean. I'm from here, and when I am travelling elsewhere I miss it so much."

Enjoy the rest of these beautiful Autumn shots:

Andre Audet captured this landscape shot of The Bluff in Sussex Corner. (Andre Audet/Submitted)

Andre Audet submitted a photo he took from The Bluff trail in Sussex Corner. He has been into photography for about five years, snapping landscape shots around the Maritimes whenever he gets the chance. Audet says that even though he has lived here his whole life, there are always new things to discover.

"That was my first time hiking that trail," said Audet. "When you think you've seen it all, there's just more to see. You don't have to go that far to discover new spots." 

This old barn in Jacquet River Gorge sits in front of a tableau of fall colours. It was shot by Catherine Stephenson on Thanksgiving Day. (Catherine Stephenson/Submitted)
David Hall says the Rusagonis Stream is his favourite quiet canoeing spot for the last 35 years. (David Hall/Submitted)
These grazing horses were seen by Dalton London, with the scenic St. John River in the background near Springhill Road in Fredericton. (Dalton London (Submitted))
Stephen Flynn of Saint John was walking in Rockwood Park on Thanksgiving Monday when he stopped to take a photo of Lily Lake. (Stephen Flynn/Submitted)
Steve Waycott says he took this 'looking across the Kennebecasis River toward the Kingston Peninsula from Gondola Point in Quispamsis on a cold October morning.' (Steve Waycott/Submitted)
This autumnal shot was taken near Pabineau Falls outside Bathurst. Sturgeon says the area is becoming a regular spot for viewing the amazing gorge, hiking trail and natural beauty. (Brendon Sturgeon/Submitted)
Elizabeth Donnely-Nelson says 'these burning bushes were totally underwater in the spring flood. But boy did they come on fire this fall.' (Elizabeth Donnely-Nelson/Submitted)
This lush red appears in the fall on Miscou Island, off the northeastern coast of New Brunswick. (Sylvie Gionet/Submitted)