Murder suspect found in the Caribbean

Charges have been laid in two high-profile murder cases in Halifax.

Paul Albert Wilson, 34, was arraigned in Halifax Provincial Court on Monday on two counts of first-degree murder.

Wilson is charged in the deaths of Robert MacFarlane and William St. Clair Wendleborg who police say had ties to the Hells Angels.

MacFarlane was a businessman from Halifax who was shot to death in February 1997 at the Lakeside Industrial Park.

Wendleborg was beaten before he died of a cocaine overdose. His body was found in Harrietsfield in the fall of 1998.

Wilson will remain in custody until a court appearance on Jan. 10, 2001.

Wilson is the former owner of Reflections Cabaret in Halifax. He also faces federal charges relating to illegal drugs and proceeds of crime.

RCMP officers traveled to the Caribbean island of Grenada last week to bring back Wilson who was deported for being a threat to the security of that country. He was arrested last July in Grenada for possession of 21 kilograms of cocaine.

"We learned early in October that he was arrested using an alias on the island of Grenada," said Wayne Noonan of the RCMP, adding that Wilson was travelling with a Canadian passport in the name of Paul Michaud. "We had some good information, it was just a matter of nailing him down."