Murder suspect died 25 years ago

CBC TV says an Air Force sergeant who died 25 years ago is now a suspect in two old murder cases.

The man's name surfaced last week in a Fifth Estate documentary on Steven Truscott, the man convicted in the murder of Lynn Harper, near Clinton, in the late 1950s.

The Fifth Estate says Alexander Kalichuk was overlooked as a suspect in that murder.

In last night's program, the CBC said the police now consider Kalichuk a suspect in the death of Susan Cadieux, a five-year-old girl from London who was sexually assaulted and then froze to death one night in January of 1956.

The police also say Kalichuk is being investigated again for another murder in which he was the original suspect. However, investigators have not released the name of the victim in that case.

The Fifth Estate reported that Sergeant Kalichuk had a history of sexual offences dating from 1950. He was stationed at bases in southwestern Ontario and he died in 1975.